Monday, December 24, 2012

{ Happy Holidays everyone}

I had fun from yesterday's Christmas Party in our company.

Everybody was dressed so beautifully. (;_;) ♥

This was the venue before the party started.

The company rented Skyrise 4 Bldg.'s whole 6th floor to accommodate the number of employees and staff of QQ.

It was full of ubber fun and excitement.

The food was delicious and the presentations were funny and great

It was a one-time celebration for the yuletide season.


I would like to appreciate these people.

Miss Rinah( our female vocalist) , Sir Clint ( our lead guitarist), Sir David(our male vocalist/beatboxer)  and Miss Gayle (our keyboardist). ♥

And of course, yours truly, the bassist.

 Because of these people, every session was memorable. I get to perform in front of our company's audience ( and of course, in front of the big bosses), with them.

They are so fun to be with. I want to do more giiiiiigs♥ with them.

You are the best guys! ♥

( Excuse the photo. I'm so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ;_; )

Let's prepare more songs for encore emergencies. Hahaha~ :DD

The songs we performed were:

1.) Call Me Maybe - Payphone Mashup

2.) Lucky - Jason Mraz ft Colbie Calliat

3.) Drive - Incubus

4.) Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis ( Boyce Avenue Cover)

5.) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls ( Boyce Avenue Cover - I managed to get the bass part here, Thank the Lord ;_;)

6.) A Thousand Years- Christina Perri


Additional songs:

7.) Price Tag - Jessie J

8.) Irreplaceable - Beyonce'

9.)  Collide - Howie Day

10.) Magbalik - Callalily

I also had fun with my friends. Without them, I would have been in terrible terrible darkness. ;_;

me & ren ♥


I would like to greet everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

And to my father, Ely D. Sarcon,


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