Thursday, October 18, 2012

{ i love candy. }

Hahaha. I am inspired here and there by fashion blogs everywhere.
I am at awe to Camille Co's choice of exotic designs and exemplary fashion


how Kryz Uy got to magically turn simplicity into utmost beauty

They are like goddesses of fashion. As Ta La Bista. POINT MUNCHO~ *^* I wanna be like them someday. Now I have an inspiration in life.

I have to lose weight first. Haha. Joggggggggggg Mau! JOOOOGGGGGGG! ( and a little bit of zumba mamba )

My want for a DSLR will never waver. My dream. WILL NEVER END. (;A;)

I feel a big change coming in. *giggles* I don't know what.


Me goofing off at the office. Blog blog time. ;3

I see RENZEL cruising over some fashion sites. *giggles*

My pretty Tara sharing a web pose for me. :))

And THUS,  she DID her magic that I cannot do.

I stooped over in defeat. :C

My gesture of defeat. BOOOOOOO~.

En-En and I will go shoooopppping tonight~ YEY! Hahaha. I get to be at a mall again! :3


will do mucho macho *winks*


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  1. "I feel a big change coming in. "

    We're looking forward for that CHANGE Mau! ;) But, you gotta defeat me first.. :P

  2. Hahaha. I'm referring the change as " a-girl-turned-magically-into-a-princess" but you wouldn't believe me if it would be like that though. Hahaha. C;

    Gotta defeat you in what? *giggles* Nail art? Let's get it on !

  3. haha! Laters Mau (nail art). ;)


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