Friday, October 5, 2012

{ Ruri Chikamatsu Total Revamped}

Well, I cosplayed as Ruri Chikamatsu from Mahou Shoujo No Taisetsu Na Koto. 

Mahou Shoujo No Taisetsu Na Koto ( A Magic Girl's Importance) is a hentai-novel series game wherein the main character is an average student (except for his pretty appearance) and all that. He has moved to a school on the island to look for his missing mother. But an upside-down chapel that appears in the sky at night, evil shadows generated by the chapel and various mysterious happenings keep bugging people on the island. He inevitably gets involved in this trouble and he transforms into a magical girl (?) when he faces one of the shadows. Days later, he hears the fact that his mother is actually a magical girl. Like this, his battle life against the shadows starts....

Yesh, it's just like that. So eventually, you can't turn into a magic girl not unless you get *******. (*w* ) FU FU!~

I cosplayed as Ruri ( that girl there on the left)

Cosplaying as the Magic Girl of Ruri (right side)

But eventually, I lack the time and the resources to do all of the following portrayals. (T_T)

We weren't able to attach the pink plywood thingy at my back because we lack the materials and the time and it was already the day of the event itself. The scarf was also too short ( too short that it can't be called a scarf anymore.)

Also, my costume has the wrong shade of green and blue. It was dark green and blue respectively. SHI SHI SHI SHI

And during the day itself, the attached flower of my right boot kept falling off. So I decided to take it out. :<

My wig was also too long to cut out for ruri's hairstyle. So many imperfections. But still, we went through. I know. I suck.

I will not cram once again. This coming cosplay event, I shall have enough time to prepare moi'self. :))

Anyway, it was an irreplaceable experience.


  1. Oh! So this was the one you cosplayed. You were awesome "kahit anong daan" and that's the important thing.


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