Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{ horse }

Since I haven't met Jay( my friend photographer) for a while now, I invited him out for a drink. And I got wasted.  They haven't played fair last night. ( TДT)

Jay told me that we'd start at 7 pm. I ordered some drinks and started drinking hoping that he would come soon, but unfortunately, he arrived at 8 PM yesterday. And by the time of his arrival, YES, I was already wasted. ( I haven't eaten dinner)

I was practically shouting at Moon Cafe in The Walk in I.T. Park. :I And I was walking in zigzag lines and I mumbled some stuff. I do not even remember what happened. And I forgot where I placed my necklace. BOHUHUHUHU

I do remember some moments, but most, NADAAAAA~

I was thankful for Kharl for massaging my hand. Haha. Although it hurts, and the pain from it still stings.

I was SO tipsy. So to say. GAWD. I'm really not cut out for drinking. Sigh.

The most difficult part yesterday was to bring me home. They suggested that I should ride a taxi and leave my car at the parking place. I told them this, " No. I can drive." And reaaaalllllyyyyy reassured them that I'll be okay.

So basically, yeah...
I drove drunk yesterday.

Thank God for His guidance that nothing happened.

And still leave me with some moral.

I might have been added to his collection if ...yeah...

It was my first time driving sober. Gawd. It feels so horrible.

I'm still having a hangover right now, and I'm still nauseous. I need something warm to eat. Sigh.

This is my life now.


  1. oh my shouldn't have done out next time and always be careful coz we LOVE you baby MAUyyy...(na pod)....

  2. As always Dear, I may be noisy and happy at work, but as they always say

    " The people with the most smiles have the most problems. " ^_^v


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