Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Panda Cookies

Panda cookies and milk anyone? These are fresh from the oven and are ready to be munched by you guys. It's hard to discipline yourself ( say goodbye to your diet illOTL) when Nibbles is just a message away. These cute cookies are up for ordering! They are very tedious to make so my friend, Miles, can only handle 5 orders a week. I repeat, 5 orders a week! So reserve your slot now while you're at it! 100 php for a bag of 5. As you can see from the first photo below, it comes with a cute packaging. 

These are sugar cookies. Vanilla on top of chocolate. They aren't sweet and they're good with coffee or tea ( or with our favorite hazelnut chocolate spread, Nutella!) I had these babies with milk! C: These babies are chewy and crumbly at the same time! ♥ Oh and uh, before I forget, Mondays will be for PANDA cookies! What are you waiting for? Try them out!

Happy Nibbling! 

For orders and inquiries, please contact 0922-738-4101

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*


  1. I want to nibble those pandas Mau. haha They surely look delicious! :)

    1. They are They are. You must definitely want to try them out Tar. C:

  2. I want to taste it!

    I bet you'll be more ecstatic if its in a shape of cute little froggies! ♥


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