Saturday, April 27, 2013

{ The Summer Feel }

Since I've been busy with lessons and all that, I have missed the wonders of blogging. And since I am not THAT busy tonight, I decided to blog about the summer escapade I had with my former team.

We had our escapade in CAMOTES ISLAND. 

Camotes is located southeast of Manila, northeast of Cebu and west of Ormoc. It has four islands and is divided into four municipalities.

Everyone was so pumped out for this.


Haha. This is funny because everyone woke up so early in the morning for the travel. I woke up at 1 AM in the morning and my friends were already sending me text messages to eventually "WAKE UP". Lol.

From Jolibee Highway, we rode a jeepney heading for Danao. The fare is 30 Php. When we arrived at Danao Port, we had some Jobi breakfast while waiting for our 5:30 AM trip. The trip lasted for 3 hours and we managed to get a sight of a wonderful sunrise that day.

Spectacular as it is, it was breath-taking. ♥

When we docked the Camotes port, our shuttle service was already waiting for us.

Since I hadn't had the chance to take a decent photo of our service, I took the liberty to use my co-blogger's picture of her in it.


@ Tara: I am sorry for the snatchy me. >D

Our first stop  was Buho Rock Resort. 

I think this photo will be enough to tell its wonders.

This was our first stop but we were already drenched in sweat. It was scorching hot and we had to climb up a flight of stairs. The step was steep. It took a lot of our energy. Lol.

After that certain exercise that we had, our stomachs were grumbling as a result of it. So we took a trip around town and headed to some carenderias ( a small eatery) and filled our stomachs with scrumptious food.

Our second stop was Timubo Cave in San Francisco.

I hesitated to the fact that when I read the precautions of the said cave, it stated that it wasn't recommended for people who are asthmatic. So saaaaad. I would miss half the adventure. But fortunately, my friends kept rooting for me and encouraged me to go in as long as I am careful of my breathing. I love them ♥

P.S. I am asthmatic. D:

The sign stated that it has less air inside ( Obviously, since it is an underground cave LOL) and it is not advisable for asthmatics, people with rheumatic diseases and who are hypertensive.

Water Level:

High Tide - 6 ft.

Low Tide - 5 ft.

It was one way to cool ourselves down from the heat. The water was so refreshing and cool. ♥

Third stop was Lake Danao. This lake is rumored to have the shape of a number eight and not only that, but it is also the largest lake in the Visayan region. There are various activities to be done here. You can go horse-back riding, do some kayaking, and more.

While I, ooooh, I wanted to do the latter.

I know I'm such a loser for not having a photo of myself while kayaking, but all odds are ever in my favor. illOTL We were lucky that it was raining so we didn't have to kayak under the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Lol.

After the various activities, we headed to Santiago White Beach. There are lots of resorts there to choose from. We stayed at Payag Beach Resort. 

The weather was, so to say, suitable for a swim. It was drizzling and we had problems to cover our camera equipment. The weather was on our side this time. Lol.

Ms. Michelle's hubby was kind enough to give us some shots here and there. One sample of their snapshot was this:

Although it was night time, we were telling ghost stories and oooh, not to mention, boys. Lol.

Everyone was having fun at this occasion. Sad to say, it ended too quick. :C BOOOO BOOOO. I hope I get to visit this place again someday. ♥ And of course, with this crazy bunch.

Going back to the wishlist I had,

19* will travel to different places in the Philippines with friends

- My friends and I are planning to go out this summer for our team building. Haha. And out, I mean OUT. Boracay, Bohol, Ilo-ilo, Cagayan and et cetera et cetera. Most of my friends are going to bring their hubbies with them. And I’m going to bring out Forever Alone Meme with me as a date.
... is now crushed out. YAAAAAAY.

Camoteeees Island ♥


Your random blogger,

MAU. ♥

Monday, April 15, 2013


Yes guys. As you have noticed, the intervals between my blog posts are getting longer and longer. Sad to say, I've been busy with studying the past few days and maybe I would go on hiatus for a while. I will miss the wonders of blogging and editing and typing what comes into mind and all that. Lol.

Surely, when things are okay and the pressure is good to handle, I will come back and blog about all the things that I have done and have discovered.

It makes me happy that in my blog statistics, people visit my site daily. ♥ Thanks guys for your time to view my profile.  It makes me feel rainbows and unicorns inside. Fuuuuuu *3*

So until then guys, adieu. </3

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{ Silver Lining}

Okay, since I am inspired of all the selcas in the world PLUS my love for fashion bloggers and fashion itself ♥, I have decided to blog about it. Wish me luck. LOL.

I decided to give this blog the title of "Silver Lining" because I was wearing gray here. This is an old photo. This was taken on October 24, 2011.

I had two shoots on this day. A cos-shoot and a portfolio shoot. This was the first shoot.

As you can see, I had trouble thinking about what would my next pose be. Photographer Jay Crodua was teaching me his waaaaays of poses and the like, and I, on the other hand, giggled and laughed on his mimicry. Haha. Kuya Jay is the best. ♥ Check his facebook page here :

Sorry for the low-definition photos. I only used the uploaded photos on my facebook profile. And you know how facebook destroys quality (=_=) Yeah, facebook.

It was so hot, and I've got to retouch a few times just to look decent. I was perspiring. D: and yes, I know, I was definitely icky.

The said above photos were taken by a dear friend of Kuya Jay, Kuya Marky Koi. :'3

Jay Crodua and Marky Koi were the reasons for the success of this shoot. ♥

Bought the blouse from this online shop:

It is a Korean apparel. Matched with white shorts and white sandals with a 5-second quick bun and you're good to go.

Both classy and fab.

There you go for my title's origin, Silver Lining.

Till Next Blog. ♥

Sunday, April 7, 2013

{Smiles for the Best}

I don't know what to have as a title. All I know is I'm already depressed and I don't want to get more depressed than I already am.

There are just so many unsaid words, so many experiences that we didn't get to do, so many things, so many adventures, so many laughter and love to share, BUT... little time...

 I know I have to compromise one thing for another. This is life. If you guys only knew, how much of a courage it took for me to make the final decision before March came.

Twas a fun journey everyone. Thank you for the food, the jokes, the bullying, everything. Haha. You saved me from my darkest part of life when I thought I have nothing left.

Your gifts made me cry a waterfall. </3 It breaks my heart.

(c) Tara

They made me realized things. They give good pieces of advice. They gave me hope.  They've put up with me and my endless dramas. And plus of all, they gave me food. ♥

But most of all, they accepted me as who I am.

A loading, gratifying, lamas-loving person.

This is not farewell. But merely, " Cry-and-I'll-Kill-You" good bye. Haha. I am seriously serious. I mean come on, please staaaaaaaaaaaahp making me cry.

I know we'll see each other again.

Even making this blog gives me memories of us and our paradise of smiles.


See you again guys. T_T



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