Sunday, April 7, 2013

{Smiles for the Best}

I don't know what to have as a title. All I know is I'm already depressed and I don't want to get more depressed than I already am.

There are just so many unsaid words, so many experiences that we didn't get to do, so many things, so many adventures, so many laughter and love to share, BUT... little time...

 I know I have to compromise one thing for another. This is life. If you guys only knew, how much of a courage it took for me to make the final decision before March came.

Twas a fun journey everyone. Thank you for the food, the jokes, the bullying, everything. Haha. You saved me from my darkest part of life when I thought I have nothing left.

Your gifts made me cry a waterfall. </3 It breaks my heart.

(c) Tara

They made me realized things. They give good pieces of advice. They gave me hope.  They've put up with me and my endless dramas. And plus of all, they gave me food. ♥

But most of all, they accepted me as who I am.

A loading, gratifying, lamas-loving person.

This is not farewell. But merely, " Cry-and-I'll-Kill-You" good bye. Haha. I am seriously serious. I mean come on, please staaaaaaaaaaaahp making me cry.

I know we'll see each other again.

Even making this blog gives me memories of us and our paradise of smiles.


See you again guys. T_T




  1. I want to be with you tonight, tomorrow, and today it can't happen now but it will someday.

    Always miss yah our baby MAUyyy...

  2. I know right. :'< Me myself and I is sad to know that I'll be leaving. I miss you and the gang. Till our paths cross.


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