Sunday, December 30, 2012

{ a new assassination year }

Since I am dying of boredom here and there because I finished AC II. . .

Sir David was tooooooo pure ( and kind. I kneel to thee illOTL)  to lend me his PSP and let me play Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines. 

No words can describe how much I love AC and their historic adventures and stories. ♥

I will fill my last days with Altair's adventures and more killings. ♥
More and more assassinations for moi. *kufufufufu~

Haha. Anyhooo, time for me to stop goofing around. *ehem ehem*


2012 was a year full of  pleasant and unpleasant surprises all alike.

It was a year full of challenges for me.

I had to say " See you someday again guys" to my college friends during my graduation. And I somehow miss them. And I still do until now.

Got to meet new ones at work. And they're too flexible to accept me whole-heartedly. ( You know how stupid I can sometimes be Haha ) My friends should be awarded with a prize for " LONGEST TOLERANCE OF MAU'S STUPIDITY AND STUBBORN-NESS EVER" medal.

If I can't see them, my days somehow feel so incomplete. Especially when I can't bicker with Nora and Tara. 

Next year's a new year. Goodbye to 2012, and say hello to 2013.

There will be new encounters, new friends, a new love life ( haha. ignore. me.) and new problems so we have to brace ourselves to what's to come. We made it through year 2012 without having to experience a zombie apocalypse and et cetera.

For those friends I've hurt, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. You know how stubborn I can be sometimes. :'( But still I would like to say thank you for putting up with me throughout.

For the people I parted my ways with, you guys and I both know that there were lessons learned from the past. And we have to take one step forward from it and never ever look back.

And for my family, I love you so much. Thank you for all the support and all the laughter and gabs you guys gave me.

I love you ma, daddy and kuya. ♥



They say "polka dots" bring good luck for the new year.

Time to brag about the dots then. ♥




  1. happy new year mau. hope you will have a great year this 2013: the year of the water snake.

  2. happy new year mau. pray that you will have a good one this 2013. more blogs to come and more power~ XD

  3. Happy New Year Nate. Thank you. Haha. :)

  4. Thank you. I hope I will. Haha. And I hope 2013 will bring me pleasant surprises. 2012 was a hard year for me. :)

  5. Yeah..followed your blog and stumbled upon interesting but sad ones. :(

  6. :( *covers face* (/_\)

  7. though ur always pentium este loading MAH BABY GIRL...we're just here to understand and comfort u whenever ur sad and confuse...but hope u'll lessen ur ST******* sometimes...okay?... LOVE YOU ALWAYS...mwuahmwuah tsuptsup!!!

  8. Na lain ku atu gamay da. :<


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