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And thus, I'm back. I know I always say that I would do my best to blog more often but after some recent events, didn't have that much of a time y'know. I hope I wouldn't get beaten up for this. JK. I still have pending blog posts and I will do them the soonest. And if ever I HAD the mood to blog, would have maintenance up ( which I can't do anything about it and it totally sucks). I am sorry but I just have to be honest. It destroys the blogger's spirit to ... you know... blog.

Some of those recent events I mentioned earlier, was the earthquake and the aftershocks that followed it AND I recently got confined in the hospital. Up until now, while I was on the 3rd floor of the hospi, I could still feel my bed moving and could see the bottled waters on my desk ripple. Now, that's scary to the point that I have heard of news that when the 7.2M earthquake struck Cebu and Bohol, nurses and doctors had to evacuate the patients outside the building. And I couldn't stop imagining the worst case scenario that it would happen to me too. :_: Let's pray everyone.

Anyway, enough of the aftershocks and the earthquake and the hospitals and stuff like that, let's get to our main agenda. Any guesses what would our agenda be for today? Hah! As you guys would know, I always give away the topic in the title but not this time. Ohooh, not this time. Any guesses? No? *smirks*

If you're going to pair a silver gladiator footwear between a yellow peplum dress and a midriff blouse and ombre shorts, I'd choose the former. If you're going to pick between a purple tie and a black tie to be paired with a red formal long sleeves to wear to a formal party perhaps, the latter is the best choice for you to have. It's a matter of matching and choosing between colors and styles and just let your creativity run wild. But be careful, do not overdo it. You might turn from fashionista...

...into a  living fashion disaster.

Here are some tips of mine to remember about FASHION:

1.) Trend? What trend? 

Fashion does not only talk about wearing all the clothes that are considered as the main trends as of the moment, but also considers your taste and your physique. Remember, your physique ( height, body build, etc.) are important too in this case. Do not go wearing that certain dress because it's the trend nowadays, nor would you boast off your muscular shoulders or legs by wearing something that you think suits you. It's uncalled for. You have to take in your physique as the main consideration.

2.) Creativity is Personality

Fashion is letting out your personality be shown to the public. Fashion is art. If you want to go comfortably simple but yet catchy, you could try denims, jeans, with a comfy loose shirt and wear caps or accessories to just go for the show. If you want to look girly, wear something that would contemplate one another. Perhaps wearing a light neon blouse to be tucked in a high waist skirt with matching heels, and your hair in a bun, and also, let's not forget the accessories that would enhance your outfit. These are essential. I don't have the right to give you fashion tips or whatsoever. I, for one, am not a fashionista. But I know fashion and what's not.

3.) You don't need BRANDS to look GRAND 

Chanel? YSL? Dior? Lacoste? Gucci? There is no rule stating that you have to buy expensive brands of clothing just to look decent, high and classy. We can start with something that is simple and affordable. Simplicity is elegance, mind you.  All you have to do is just be creative of what you have and tadaaaa, you can think of tons of ideas on how to make one simple getup into an astounding, "hey-where-did-you-get-that-from?" outfit. It's a matter of creativity.

4.) Be Unique, Be You

Being unique is one of the beautiful traits of being human. It is who we are. There is no one like us in the world. People might have some similarities, but that's it, ONLY similarities. We are still different. What I'm meaning to say in this tip is that, when there is a fashion line that's popular nowadays, there is a BIG possibility that you and a co-worker or a friend, are wearing the same thing. Well, that is awkward. Definitely awkward. Remember, from what I mentioned earlier in number 1; you don't need to wear all the clothes that are trending. Consider your physique first. And before you even decide to wear that outfit, think about this: do you want to go walking down the streets wearing that same thing that someone else ( either you know that person or not) is wearing? Well, DO think again.

And lastly,

5.) Don't.

Don't overdress. Don't over-accessorize. Don't put too much perfume. Don't. Just don't. Dress for that event. Dress for that occasion. Creativity is one thing, but being too creative is also another thing. You are showing the public YOU. Do not go off showing your bare body ( short shorts, cleavage-showing-blouses, etc.). The public is not asking for that. There are just some limitations as to what we know about fashion. And those aren't part of them.

So that's about it. These are the five tips about fashion I can think of as of this moment. Remember, I'm no fashionista. I just know fashion when I see one. If you have any tips to reconsider or to add to this blog, please do not hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments's section below. I highly appreciate it so much.

And if you do want more tips from known fashion bloggers, I recommend these people. This trio inspired me to look beautiful and to look my best everyday. Check their blogs out.

These girls are my inspirations to battle out life as a woman. Haha. Kidding aside. Well, that's it for today. If you find my blog posts a bit slower than usual, please do leave a message in the BEEP ME section at the right side of this site. I am open. *inserts beautiful eyes here*

So, that's it about fashion. I'll get back to you guys the soonest if I've fully recovered and when everything's turning out alright in my end. Thank you for having the time to read this.

Your RANDOM and sometimes-a-fashion-tip-blogger,


Friday, October 18, 2013

{ A Grim Reminder }

Last October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Cebu and Bohol at 8:12 AM ( local time). I was on the 9th floor of the building when it happened. I felt the earth tremble and watched the lights on the ceiling shake fiercely as I duck under my desk. I heard screams. Lots of screams. It was a grim reminder that during times like those, everyone is equal. No rich, and no poor. Everything was turning grey. I don't know if it was a black out or it was just that traumatizing that my eyes are losing its colors. I remained under my desk until someone called out my name. I was thankful that my best friend reached out her hand and grabbed me by the arm. We called out my other teammates who were also under their desks for cover. The next thing I knew was we were evacuating the building. My memory's fuzzy. It all happened so fast.

I don't want to watch the news because the only thing they show are the bad ones. Historic relics, churches, buildings, roads and malls were either completely or partially destroyed by the earthquake. Death toll is still rising. And it breaks my heart.
When I tweeted about the earthquake in Bacolod yesterday, I got an overwhelming response of people across the world who wished me well, and others who responded that they felt the quake on their end of the world too. That’s when I found out that Bacolod didn’t have it bad at all. (Bohol and Cebu had it worst. CdO, Bacolod, Davao, Iloilo and other neighboring cities just felt ripples the actual intensity.) What I don’t understand is how other people have the nerve to comment “Karma lang yan“, “Cebu deserves it,” “The churches are the main target because God is punishing you” and other negative and totally inappropriate ideas like that. Seriously, over a hundred people died, thousands are sad and scared out of their minds, hospitals needed to evacuate patients out into the streets (imagine post-op, new borns, and ICU patients!!!) and some idiots think it’s funny or even right to say we deserve it? It’s absolutely ridiculous, and I refuse to give them any more useless attention, so if you want to read them yourself, do so here. - Kryz Uy -

Cebuana Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy is right. They don't deserve our attention. We are currently scared out of our wits here and they make fun of other people's predicaments? Now, that's just sad.

The day after the earthquake, we were advised to go to work despite the aftershocks. We would often get paranoid if we could just feel a slight shaking. I admit, all of us were traumatized. We would often check these sites just so we could be sure: and

Bohol had it worst. Most of the casualties are from Bohol. I have a a friend who was working at the hospital when the earthquake struck. They evacuated the patients out of the hospital and continued to remain outside since then. He sent me a text message that he's currently charging his phone in his neighbor's house because they don't have any electricity for two days ( and his neighbor has a generator).

The aftermath is devastating. And that earthquake was a grim reminder.

But even though hope is distant, the beautiful and wonderful thing about all this is again is the truly caring and resilient nature of the Filipino people. I was happy to hear that my family was fine and okay. I couldn't stop thinking about my dad during all the ruckus. I received lots of messages asking if I was okay ( because they knew I'm working on the 9th floor) and messages that wished me well. Even a simple message is a message of hope. God is good. And He loves us so much. It takes faith and prayers that everything is going to be okay.  The Filipinos know well, that God wouldn't leave us. We, Filipinos, know.

And this is a warning for this is a cheesy post but even my boyfriend rushed all the way from his work to I.T. park just to check if I was okay. That simple act of deed motivates me to live on. To not give up hope. Because there are people out there who really really loves us and care for us. So, my friends, let us do the same. Remember, God hasn't forsaken us. He is here. He is everywhere. Our Father will not leave us, for we also did not leave our fellow countrymen.

And as I am posting these pictures here, my heart is breaking again. But we have to eventually face reality. I am going to cite out a quote from an anime character ( forgive the otaku in me) in FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
 So it will change. Because we're weak, because we'll die one day, we'll want to live on, to struggle. Only then we humans will become stronger. - Trisha Elric -

I so agree to this. We fall but we stand up on our own. We would want to move on. To live. To survive.






To hope.

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