Saturday, August 24, 2013

BTS - Two Of Us

This would be my first BTS blog ever. Haha. I always wanted to be a photographer and yesterday was just a first. I had an amateur shoot with my friends and man, it was fun and exhausting at the same time. I know the saying, " The unplanned is the best plan" was applied yesterday. Thank the Almighty for that. ♥

It was cloudy. I had a few problems with my camera due to that. The exposure and the ISO was so out of hand that it took me a while to figure things out. Because of that, my first pictures were so overexposed that I only got white as a capture. I have to tweak again and again to adjust to the surroundings.

Here's the whole shoot team. GO GO GO FIGHT-O!

Even Gemms the Car was in the photo, YAAAAY. ♥ Who wouldn't forget Gemms? I love you to infinity and beyond.

I find it so funny that there was an equal number of girls and boys in the team. Haha. I am so weird. And as I am typing this now, I'm smiling. What the duck. o.o

The girls were choosing the first choice of wardrobe to match with the venue. We discussed how this color compliments with that color and so on and so forth.
And the make up artist has done her wonders on the model. ♥ Thanks Bits. xoxo

And well, the boys....

. . . had their moments of sacrifice. Hahahaha.

And thus, the shoot starts after a long moment of preparation for the girls. Haha. And Mac called this pose as the " Cat Woman" pose. -_- MEN.

Ray and I were the photographers of this shoot. I was thankful for he gave me tips and pointers of how to use the camera. And so did Mac. Thanks guys. xoxo

And these are some of the BTS shots taken by Mac.

I want my shots look natural as possible, and in order for me to do that, I have to mutter out these refined words just to make the both of them laugh. I am so evil. >:D

Since I was the one who organized this shoot, and with my so-called couple ideas, IT IS SO EXHAUSTING to be a creative director slash photographer. But hey, it's a first.  I also love how my friends would contribute their ideas. I am so happy I have you guys. ♥

After the first set, we decided to take a break ( and for the models to change to the next wardrobe) and buy drinks to quench our thirst.

And this would be the second set. ( And I still don't know why Mac takes pictures of me in the oddest ways. Haha )


But wait, there's moreeee! >D






Ain't they lovely? Hahahaha.

And now for the "creative director poses" and out takes alike. >D

I mostly did all the shooting. But Ray and Mac were kind enough to hone my skills. Char. Haha.

Ray owns a Nikon while Mac owns an Olympus, and I, Canon. Meant to be? Haha.

I can't wait to post process the photos. ♥ I had fun and I want moaaar of it. I love it.

Your RANDOM blogger,


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{ 20 random things }

So here I am, ready to blog again. I decided to share 20 random things about myself to the world. It all started in Facebook when someone tags you with a note to do this and that, and it asks you to tag 20 people and so on and that's how the chain started. :D Haha.

This is a simple copy and paste from my Facebook profile so here you go, world.

20 Random Things

August 21, 2013 at 8:46am

I usually DO NOT do these kinds of stuff but I DO want people to know something about me.


Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the people who tagged you. Tagged by Markjun Abadilla, Yhanni Ssb Hime Chan, Suna Hara, Emi Itou, Pau Ozoutzima, Rochelle Morales Agbay, Johalalaa Veloso. Let's get random!

1.) I am a frog lover. If you give me frogs ( frog trinkets, frog toys, anything that croaks), I will definitely LOVE you regardless of gender. xoxo

2.) I have a sweet tooth. And I have a worst case of sugar rush. My friends know this. Haha.

3.) I am actually very sensitive inside and I easily get depressed. So, when around me, please be tactful.

4.) When eating Lechon, ang LAMAS akong unahon.

5.) I am a music lover and a musician. I play the flute, the violin, bass guitar and the piano.

6.) I am a photographer-wanna-be. My inspiration is Anne Lorraine Uy. I want to make my own photostories. 

7.) If you did something terrible to me, I will REMEMBER IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.Let's just say, it's like one slice of pizza taken. No, that's not called grudge. I justCAN'T forget.

8.) I am a terribly sick person ( I won't say what disease though). Steroids made me puffy. Without them, well, I die. Simple.

9.) I try to make myself as beautiful as possible because I think I am ugly as fvk.

10.) I really HATE ARROGANT and BOASTFUL people. Please, when achieving something, I know we tend to get proud sometimes, but please leave some humility for yourself and for those around you.

11.) When I was little, I won Miss Intramurals 2005 and became Prom Queen in our GS Prom. ( Grade School Prom).

12.) I am a hopeless romantic. I think of myself with a dream guy who gives you flowers, chocolates, drives you home, bla bla bla, you get the point.

13.) I'm acrophobic. And seriously, I am not joking.

14.) I love blogging random things. Maybe I should blog about this too. Haha.

15.) I love horror movies/ stories/ urban legends/ games, they give a sense of meaning to my life. 

16.) I have a missing bone in both my thumbs.

17.)  I love karaoke so much that I once went singing in five consecutive days. Yaaaay me.

18.) I once thought my aunt was my mom because I never get to see my mom as much when I was little. ( She's a traveller).

19.) I name things. Like how I named my car Gemms, and my DSLR Baby, and my frogs,Mr. Longfingers, Mr. Frogaloo, Puffball, Ferah, and lots and lots.

20.) I have this small hotdog pillow since I was 2 years old and still can't sleep properly without it. And yes, Baby's also her name.

I had fun making this though. I actually had trouble thinking of 20 random things about myself. But all in all, I think it was worth it.

How about you? What are 20 random things about yourself?
Your RANDOM blogger,


Saturday, August 17, 2013

{ Music One with Erika }

One of my Japanese students Erika Natsume ( back when I was still working as an ESL teacher) has arrived here in the Philippines to study English. I still remember our classes being jolly and hyper and so full of charisma and interest. We decided to meet up and of course, with some of my teacher friends. Namely, Cherry, Tara and Selena.

As you all know, I took a board exam some time ago and was able to make it. And due to the tension and pressure I was facing at that time, and most especially, those extra hours at home, I've gotten a bit chubby. I need to get a workout from here on out. Haha.

Music One is a movie house similar to my previous post . You can choose either to sing with friends or watch a movie. It has a very unique interior. Their lounge has some comfy sofas and not to mention, beautiful chandeliers hanging on the wall.

So majestic isn't it? It has such a wonderful feel to it and I can't point what.

The view outside our window from our room. :"D

A one hour session costs PHP 298. There is also a consumable rate wherein you get to use the room for a maximum of three hours with food and drinks included, for a price of (more or less) PHP 800. 

Getting to sing with my friends after such a long time made my adrenaline rush. The thought of having friends that were with you when you were having the blues made me feel butterflies inside my heart flutter with happiness. And yes, I DO know that didn't make sense. Haha. I just miss them so so much. How long has it been? Four months I guess. But nothing has changed. We bonded like before. It was heart-melting. Friendship is REALLY one of the greatest things a girl could have.

Movie One is located at the second floor of The Walk building in I.T. Park. 

And also, I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to meet up with Erika. Erika, stay pretty, happy and healthy. Keep improving. I will surely miss you. And continue studying the Bisaya language. Haha. きっとマタいつか.

Your random blogger,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

{ It's a Guilty kind of Pleasure }

As a blogger, I am honored to have collaborated with GuiltyPleasures Online Shop. They established an online shop through Facebook and continues to serve customers with excellent service and client-centered ideas.

It all started way back in April 2010 ( though they have uploaded some items for sale in December 2009) when three friends decided to share one thing in common to the public. Their simple pleasures in life. After their graduation, their number of customers increased gradually in Davao City. The items were basically pre-loved clothes, accessories and customized costumes for cosplay. Moving on with life and having jobs and busy schedules, they decided to sell more items through the shop little by little.

Why the name GuiltyPleasures? Each of us has their own pleasures in life and we're all guilty about it. Well, mine for one, is karaoke-ing. And I'm proud to say I AM GUILTY. Haha. In their case, one loves items with the color pink in it, the other loves cosplaying and lastly, one likes making conversations with people they later became friends with. Thus, the name.

These are some of the lovely and adorable items they are selling.

Today, I got Suna Hara to model for me wearing the shop's items. The concept is about freedom. Sorry for the LQ photos. Uploader destroyed quality. ;_;

Cute earrings from GuiltyPleasures for only 60PHP...

...and a lot of wonderful trinkets and Korean apparel found here with affordable prices.

Prices range from 30PHP and above.

Matched with an adorable green top...


...studded shorts.

I just love how the studded pattern at the back of the shorts stand out. ♥

These items are found here:

Prices range from 100PHP and above.

All in all, I would like to thank GuiltyPleasures Online Shop for entrusting me with your items and giving me the opportunity to blog about them. It is such an honor. C:

❤ FYI - The following  items from GuiltyPleasures Online Shop were sent to me for free. I'm not being paid by the shop to make this blog.

Your RANDOM blogger,


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