Thursday, August 8, 2013

{ It's a Guilty kind of Pleasure }

As a blogger, I am honored to have collaborated with GuiltyPleasures Online Shop. They established an online shop through Facebook and continues to serve customers with excellent service and client-centered ideas.

It all started way back in April 2010 ( though they have uploaded some items for sale in December 2009) when three friends decided to share one thing in common to the public. Their simple pleasures in life. After their graduation, their number of customers increased gradually in Davao City. The items were basically pre-loved clothes, accessories and customized costumes for cosplay. Moving on with life and having jobs and busy schedules, they decided to sell more items through the shop little by little.

Why the name GuiltyPleasures? Each of us has their own pleasures in life and we're all guilty about it. Well, mine for one, is karaoke-ing. And I'm proud to say I AM GUILTY. Haha. In their case, one loves items with the color pink in it, the other loves cosplaying and lastly, one likes making conversations with people they later became friends with. Thus, the name.

These are some of the lovely and adorable items they are selling.

Today, I got Suna Hara to model for me wearing the shop's items. The concept is about freedom. Sorry for the LQ photos. Uploader destroyed quality. ;_;

Cute earrings from GuiltyPleasures for only 60PHP...

...and a lot of wonderful trinkets and Korean apparel found here with affordable prices.

Prices range from 30PHP and above.

Matched with an adorable green top...


...studded shorts.

I just love how the studded pattern at the back of the shorts stand out. ♥

These items are found here:

Prices range from 100PHP and above.

All in all, I would like to thank GuiltyPleasures Online Shop for entrusting me with your items and giving me the opportunity to blog about them. It is such an honor. C:

❤ FYI - The following  items from GuiltyPleasures Online Shop were sent to me for free. I'm not being paid by the shop to make this blog.

Your RANDOM blogger,



  1. I had the best time earlier..the clothes are so nice! At first, Im having second thoughts of wearing the shirt but when I tried it, it fitted perfectly! It look so nice together with the short. The design at the back makes it cute. I also like the earrings. You can mix and match it with any clothes. Thanks so much!! Thanks Mau-chan! mwahhhh!! <3

  2. I had a lot of fun today. I hope we can do more in the near future. <3 And you are going to be my model. Hahaha

    Thanks for the opportunity too Su. :**


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