Saturday, August 17, 2013

{ Music One with Erika }

One of my Japanese students Erika Natsume ( back when I was still working as an ESL teacher) has arrived here in the Philippines to study English. I still remember our classes being jolly and hyper and so full of charisma and interest. We decided to meet up and of course, with some of my teacher friends. Namely, Cherry, Tara and Selena.

As you all know, I took a board exam some time ago and was able to make it. And due to the tension and pressure I was facing at that time, and most especially, those extra hours at home, I've gotten a bit chubby. I need to get a workout from here on out. Haha.

Music One is a movie house similar to my previous post . You can choose either to sing with friends or watch a movie. It has a very unique interior. Their lounge has some comfy sofas and not to mention, beautiful chandeliers hanging on the wall.

So majestic isn't it? It has such a wonderful feel to it and I can't point what.

The view outside our window from our room. :"D

A one hour session costs PHP 298. There is also a consumable rate wherein you get to use the room for a maximum of three hours with food and drinks included, for a price of (more or less) PHP 800. 

Getting to sing with my friends after such a long time made my adrenaline rush. The thought of having friends that were with you when you were having the blues made me feel butterflies inside my heart flutter with happiness. And yes, I DO know that didn't make sense. Haha. I just miss them so so much. How long has it been? Four months I guess. But nothing has changed. We bonded like before. It was heart-melting. Friendship is REALLY one of the greatest things a girl could have.

Movie One is located at the second floor of The Walk building in I.T. Park. 

And also, I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to meet up with Erika. Erika, stay pretty, happy and healthy. Keep improving. I will surely miss you. And continue studying the Bisaya language. Haha. きっとマタいつか.

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