Sunday, August 4, 2013

{ Manggahan }

Yup. That's it. That is the title I will have for this blog. Manggahan. Manggahan is a visayan term meaning " a place with many mango trees".  Here, in this case, is the name of a restaurant located at 30 Wilson st., Apas , 6000 Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

This is Manggahan's front

I would like to thank Mary Palompon for the invitation. Her thanksgiving party was held here at this place so I decided to blog it all out.

This is the restaurant's stage where they have live bands performing every Fridays and Saturdays. Sad to say, we didn't get to watch a band perform since we visited the place on a Thursday. :D

My point of view.

The counter.

When Mary sent me an invitation to her thanksgiving party and told me the name of the venue, I was like " Say what again?". Yes. With that name, you will wonder. But have you ever wondered why it's called that way? Well, this; I tell you. They have many mango trees located at the back of the restaurant as an extension of the place. Thus, the name.

I just took this shot from the inside.

Manggahan offers a wide variety of grilled meat and seafood dishes, Filipino and Chinese cuisine alike. They also serve exotic meals like Crocodile Sisig for 188 PHP ( Yes, it is sisig made up of crocodile meat) for those who have adventurous taste buds. You can dine in an air-conditioned room or dine outside under the shades of the mango trees.

Their prices are surprisingly low. Their prices for unlirice for mais or corn and humay are 20PHP and 25PHP respectively.

We enjoyed the mouthwatering food and its stupendous unique taste. ♥ It was an all out experience for me.

They also serve alcoholic drinks. So if you want to waste the night away with your friends and still be in a place where good ambiance is present, Manggahan is perfect for you. As you can see, Guada is having a drink herself. :3

We spent the whole evening here before heading out to karaoke again. Me, and my friends. Haha. ♥

Your random blogger and her friends,

Mau ♥

For more details about this place: and please contact 09228203971 / 2603300.

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