Thursday, June 27, 2013

{ For Sale }

*waves fist at future money consumers*

I'm selling some stuff ( costumes, wigs, accessories, etc. mostly for cosplay) And also, my closet needs some emptying since there are still bigger events in the near future and bigger expenditures. *^*

Since my costumes need a new home~ I hope they get adopted by awesome parents.

Leave a comment for any inquiries.

1st item for sale is:

If you want more details regarding this item, please visit:



Promoting my items for sale.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment for any inquiries.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{ Look Book }

LookBook is a site where fashion bloggers and enthusiasts, models, photographers and designers gather around to share their look for the day. Posting either a single whole body photo or a collage of a maximum of three photos of one look is one way to share to the world your taste for fashion.

It's very interesting to see people getting creative with their looks. It's one amazing site to handle.

Filipino fashion bloggers Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian are also posting each of their unique looks on

Some exemplary looks I adore ♥

Well, so to say, these are only a few of the thousand looks out there. Hahaha.

So if you got a taste for fashion, this is a site for you.

Just sign up and register and let me know C: I'll make sure to check it out.

I recently just joined LookBook. Check my first post as a newbie. Haha.

I shall paint my life with colors from now on. LOL.

Your random blogger,


Friday, June 21, 2013

{ ♥ Mao ♥ }

Ever wondered about how you would look when you turn into a cartoon or perhaps an anime character?

Fret not, for here comes something that would stop you from thinking about all the possibilities.

I encountered this site from one of my friend's status in Facebook and I tried it. Haha. And it seems the questions are being answered. All you have to do is enter your name on the link below and viola, possibilities, check! That easy.

After reading the results, it inspired me to blog about it and draw that so-called "possibility'. It would really be amazing if it included some kind of age range or an occupation perhaps. And especially, the attitude. But hey, let your imagination run wild baby.


My ideal body, so to say. Hahaha! ♥ Sometimes dreams can be terribly good to you once in a while. At least I'm female. >D Not to mention, sexy. ♥

My imagination on pen and paper. :3

And this would be my cover photo. Haha. Drew and finished this yesterday. Inspiration on juicy lips. Edited the original photo into 80's version for a more burlesque feel.

I always wanted to draw red heads. I wanted to enhance the colors and make it brighter but somehow, I messed up. So forgive meeeeh. ;_;

I named her "Mao" as for "Mau". If only I can do photo editing shiz. (*^*) You know, that digital coloring and stuff.

You guys should try the site out. Until then, ROCK ON.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{ Joeds Lutong Hapon }

Oh, and I'm back from the long hiatus. Since exams are over, I am stuck in the house with nothing to do. ;_; Here I am, in front of the computer drinking tea, and typing what comes into mind. The 'waiting' is excruciating even though it's just the beginning of it. Haha.

So how are you everyone? Finally experienced that summer feel that you've been longing for? No? Ooooh, that's not possible.

You should go out and enjoy the scorching heat once in a while. Haha. Just kidding.

Anyhoo, I am going to blog about Joeds Lutong Hapon. 

Joeds Lutong Hapon is a restaurant where they are known for their Japanese dishes and their affordable prices. Their dishes are exemplary and if you got the taste for Japan, you definitely have to try this one.

It's been such a while since I last reunited with Fubus. ♥ Seeing them amidst the busy schedule I was having was like getting a massage. LOL

The place was like any other restaus out there but it got a nice "homey" feel in it.

We availed of their Sushi Buffet for only PHP199. Amazing isn't it?

You get to pick out from a wide variety of makis and sushimakis. ♥ It was heaven so to say. I didn't get too embarrassed by going back to the buffet table again and again. Ssssh.

Sorry for the overexposed photo. I was using Johara's Canon 650D and I am all 【・ヘ・?】 over the settings. Haha.

The buffet is best matched with the Botomless Lemon Iced Tea for only PHP150. And again, their prices never fail to amaze me. Who wouldn't want an "eat-all-you-can" and "botomless" match up? d=(´▽`)=b

Ooooh, and I forgot to mention that my brother is with us. It was his first time tasting some Japanese dishes and he was like " GLUUUUUURGH" about it. Sorry big bro. I just have to blog about it. Haha.

All in all, if you are craving for some Japanese dishes, I recommend this place for you. It got affordable prices and a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Enjoy the luscious food and chatting with your friends because that's definitely what we did.

Sorry for the "straight-forward" blog. I am lazy nowadays. Haha. Don't worry. My blogging skills will be up and at them. But since it's been such a long time, forgive me. ;_;


I want to do some outfit shots here and there once I get my hands on a Canon 60D. I guess you can say my savings are already halfway there. Haha. YAAAAAAAY. (☆^O^☆)

2013. You are full of good vibes. ♥

Joeds is located at  G/F Enmore Residence Hall 257-A Don Jose Avila St.,Capitol Site, Cebu City, ( beside MAIN ENTRANCE OF SACRED HEART GIIRLS HIGHl-SCHOOL Hijas de Jesus....)

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