Friday, June 21, 2013

{ ♥ Mao ♥ }

Ever wondered about how you would look when you turn into a cartoon or perhaps an anime character?

Fret not, for here comes something that would stop you from thinking about all the possibilities.

I encountered this site from one of my friend's status in Facebook and I tried it. Haha. And it seems the questions are being answered. All you have to do is enter your name on the link below and viola, possibilities, check! That easy.

After reading the results, it inspired me to blog about it and draw that so-called "possibility'. It would really be amazing if it included some kind of age range or an occupation perhaps. And especially, the attitude. But hey, let your imagination run wild baby.


My ideal body, so to say. Hahaha! ♥ Sometimes dreams can be terribly good to you once in a while. At least I'm female. >D Not to mention, sexy. ♥

My imagination on pen and paper. :3

And this would be my cover photo. Haha. Drew and finished this yesterday. Inspiration on juicy lips. Edited the original photo into 80's version for a more burlesque feel.

I always wanted to draw red heads. I wanted to enhance the colors and make it brighter but somehow, I messed up. So forgive meeeeh. ;_;

I named her "Mao" as for "Mau". If only I can do photo editing shiz. (*^*) You know, that digital coloring and stuff.

You guys should try the site out. Until then, ROCK ON.


  1. SiLeNt_WhIsPeReRJune 26, 2013 at 2:34 PM

    I like this...

    I miss you..:*

  2. <3 Hahaha. Have you tried it na?


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