Hi there! I’m Mau. A twenty-something freelance portrait photographer and personal style blogger wanna-be who is drawn to the beauty of art, nature and people’s creativity and imagination. I am a simple girl who is currently exploring life and is still yet to discover the wonders and mysteries of the world.

I am random. A noisy gamer. I laugh loud. Sleep is the best thing in the world. A proud Cebuana. And currently married to the love of my life.

Join me in my sartorial adventures, beauty discoveries and bloopers in life as I walk down this path called fashion. I do not call myself as a fashion blogger but as a personal style blogger. Personal Style because I don't follow a certain trend in season or clothing collection. 

My body measurements don't stop me from chasing my wants and dreams. 

I fly high. 

Having bought my first DSLR in August 2013, I constantly let my creativity run wild through moments caught in a photograph. Asking my friends to model for me, I continued on with this photographic journey as I learned more about the wonders of photography and the like.  I may have still started but that doesn't stop me from taking your best shot. 

I don't like to manipulate photos at all. I want my shots to look natural as possible. I heartily call my shoots as photography projects. "Project" because it helps me improve and develop my artistic skills as a photographer wanna-be. For me, creativity, portrayal and resourcefulness are what's important in this hobby. These are the projects I've done so far:

Avail the cheapest price you can ever get for your special event. 

I am available for:

 engagement/ prenuptial shoots
friendship shoots
couple shoots
maternity shoots
 portrait portfolios
any artistic collaborations

For any inquiries, collaborations, sponsorships and the like (and of course, if you think I'm the photographer for the job), please don't hesitate to message me here:


I am Mau S. Villamor

I lick life

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