Saturday, August 24, 2013

BTS - Two Of Us

This would be my first BTS blog ever. Haha. I always wanted to be a photographer and yesterday was just a first. I had an amateur shoot with my friends and man, it was fun and exhausting at the same time. I know the saying, " The unplanned is the best plan" was applied yesterday. Thank the Almighty for that. ♥

It was cloudy. I had a few problems with my camera due to that. The exposure and the ISO was so out of hand that it took me a while to figure things out. Because of that, my first pictures were so overexposed that I only got white as a capture. I have to tweak again and again to adjust to the surroundings.

Here's the whole shoot team. GO GO GO FIGHT-O!

Even Gemms the Car was in the photo, YAAAAY. ♥ Who wouldn't forget Gemms? I love you to infinity and beyond.

I find it so funny that there was an equal number of girls and boys in the team. Haha. I am so weird. And as I am typing this now, I'm smiling. What the duck. o.o

The girls were choosing the first choice of wardrobe to match with the venue. We discussed how this color compliments with that color and so on and so forth.
And the make up artist has done her wonders on the model. ♥ Thanks Bits. xoxo

And well, the boys....

. . . had their moments of sacrifice. Hahahaha.

And thus, the shoot starts after a long moment of preparation for the girls. Haha. And Mac called this pose as the " Cat Woman" pose. -_- MEN.

Ray and I were the photographers of this shoot. I was thankful for he gave me tips and pointers of how to use the camera. And so did Mac. Thanks guys. xoxo

And these are some of the BTS shots taken by Mac.

I want my shots look natural as possible, and in order for me to do that, I have to mutter out these refined words just to make the both of them laugh. I am so evil. >:D

Since I was the one who organized this shoot, and with my so-called couple ideas, IT IS SO EXHAUSTING to be a creative director slash photographer. But hey, it's a first.  I also love how my friends would contribute their ideas. I am so happy I have you guys. ♥

After the first set, we decided to take a break ( and for the models to change to the next wardrobe) and buy drinks to quench our thirst.

And this would be the second set. ( And I still don't know why Mac takes pictures of me in the oddest ways. Haha )


But wait, there's moreeee! >D






Ain't they lovely? Hahahaha.

And now for the "creative director poses" and out takes alike. >D

I mostly did all the shooting. But Ray and Mac were kind enough to hone my skills. Char. Haha.

Ray owns a Nikon while Mac owns an Olympus, and I, Canon. Meant to be? Haha.

I can't wait to post process the photos. ♥ I had fun and I want moaaar of it. I love it.

Your RANDOM blogger,



  1. Omai.

    Ahahaha...This is hilarious!!!

    I really enjoyed this. (though its tiring)

    I didn't know that being a model-ish is that tiring and fun at the same time. Plus, the fact that I got to witness some of your extreme poses. :D

    Anyways, all in all it is a wonderful experience!

    Thank you very much for letting me participate!

    and I would like to say sorry for giving you a hard time as well.

    Keep it up labs!

  2. Till next shoot. And expect more refined words coming out from my mouth nanaman. Haha.

  3. Omai.

    Those refined words. Haha. Nothing from the best. Man! sounds familiar?? Haha.


  4. Hahaha. The things we have for each other. And I'm going to share why na Level 2 si Mac. Hahaha.

  5. I'm a woman not a MAN. Bwahaha..|.XD

  6. Your going to blog about that? LEVEL 2? Pokemon?

  7. Hahaha, the Pokemon made us flinch. Ikaw jud. >D I'm not going to blog about pokemons.

  8. Well, I'm sorry I wasn't aware of it. I just used the expression that I've read "whatever pokemon"...tsk tsk...the influence of expression. XD

  9. Yeah. I want to have a concept shoot again sometime. Hoping makakuyog ka this Saturday though. Dira unta ta mag beach ug concept

  10. Like sugtan know what their answer is capital N-O.

    We can always have another concept though.

  11. @blackenix05: YAAAY. I hope so. ♥ Can't wait. I might invite Ray again and other photogs

  12. I think part slash photographer. Hahaha. >D

  13. Let me get this straight.. you will be the model for those upcoming photo shoot? OR your part of them? as a photographer?

  14. Ahahah...slashie..hehehe


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