Monday, September 9, 2013

{ Tumalog Falls}

It's been such a long time since my last blog post. Ever since I got a job, it's been "busy busy busy". I would like to blog all about my adventures, if possible, everyday. But sadly, it can't do. So anyhoo, I will try my best to manage my time wisely and thus on to the chase.

My friends and I went to Oslob for a moment of serenity and relaxation. Haha. Who am I kidding? We wanted to escape the pressures of city life. And thus, we decided to take a mini vacation in Pungtod Nueva Casceres, Oslob (south of Cebu). My mother's hometown.

We took the night bus and the fare was worth PHP 138. If you are a student and brought along an ID, you'd get a discount. Instead of P138.00, you'd get P110.00. It was a 3-hour ride, so make sure you bring some food along and a jacket ( Because, the more you're in the bus, the more chilly it gets.) We arrived at our destination, tired and sleepy. And then all went black ( if you get the point).

The next day, my friend, Mary, decided that we should head over to one of Oslob's wonders besides the Butanding or Whale Shark watching, the Tumalog Falls. I never visited the falls so it was exciting because it's a first. Before we headed for the falls, my friends and I went to Oslob market to buy ingredients for our packed lunch. Prices are very affordable. Provincial life, you da best man! Haha.

After buying the necessary ingredients, our chef, Guada, cooked us a very delicious meal.

Just looking at the pictures made me hungry again. Guada has the necessary skills needed for a wife. You go Guadalings.

After preparing everything, we rode a pedicab (a local public transportation) and paid the driver P40.00 each for bringing us to the place. Not exactly to the falls, but the way to it.

From that point on, you would have to ride a habal-habal ( a term used for riding a motorcycle as a public transportation). Although the fare was P30.00 each person ( a bit high for its price), it was worth it when we arrived. To all acrophobics out there, make sure to not look at your right while riding to the falls, because you might faint. It is a very high cliff. And I did, just that, and man, I was getting clammy skin.

Entrance fee to the falls was also P30.00 each head. I don't know if there are discounts for senior citizens and children. We walked down a very steep hill and our feet was already shaking from all the bags and weight we were carrying.

And we hiked under the scorching heat, to paradise.


And as we were getting nearer and nearer, we got a glimpse of the falls from afar behind shades of trees, and made us even more excited.



It was breath-taking. We then, set camp. Haha. And also, we were hungry.

It was more than I imagined. It was more than what I expected it to be. IT WAS SO GRAND. ♥

After spending hours in the cold pristine waters, we decided to call it a day. We hiked all the way back down. Haha. We even joked that if we will be able to tolerate the hike without riding the habal-habal, we will be "friends for life". And fortunately, we DID it. ♥

All in all, it was so memorable. And if possible, I would like to do it again and of course, with them. Spending this Oslob escapade with your friends, has been one of God's gifts to me. Thank you so much. ♥

Your RANDOM blogger,



  1. The falls is so nice.

    It's too bad I wasn't able to come but your already know the reason why. Anyways, you did enjoy and doubled the fun considering the little err----incident back then.

    Anyways, Im just glad that everything was okay. YOUR okay...

    Just one thing though...



  2. Hahaha. Namasol pa akong uncle para sa danggit. And about that incident, it was one hell of an experience for me. A painful experience so to say. But it was worth it since we had fun. Hope you can tag along someday. :( It would be a lot more fun if you're around.

  3. Ahahha...someday!

    namasol pa??? tagal naman???

  4. Haha. It takes concentration and skills to catch them fishes. Hahaha

  5. concentration and skills? bida dah...mura man shark ang gikuha instead of danggit. Ahahaha. Ingna nalang you forgot..ahahaha

  6. @BlackEnix05: Haha. Yiiiiip. I admit. You know me, I forget things easily in a snap of a finger. ♥ That's why you are born in this world for the sole purpose to remind me. LOL

  7. I know right. ♥ Lab you labs


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