Sunday, September 29, 2013

{ St. James Amusement Park}

This will be my third post in the month of September. I noticed my posts as a blogger are gradually decreasing. What to do what to do? ;_; For the past few months, I always had more than 5 blog posts but as time progresses, it's decreasing. Must take note of this. :I

Today' feature is also a late post. I am getting sidetracked by work and also, well, to put it simply, laziness. I know I have two pending blog posts now but this laziness of mine is so overwhelming. Sorry. I will do my best from hereon out, to blog more. And when I mean, more, I mean moooore.

Today's HOTSPOT will be on St. James Amusement Park. This is the only amusement park in Cebu. Let me clarify that carnivals and amusement parks are different. Carnivals just come and go, meanwhile, amusement parks don't. We, Filipinos, are adventurous people by nature. Here, you can participate in games and ride all you can for only PHP200.00. Yep, that's right. I repeat, ride all you can for only two hundred pesos.

After availing the entrance fee, you will be given a bottle of St. James Premium Drinking Water for free. I admit, after receiving mine, I asked myself " Sponsor?". LOL.

Near the entrance, is some sort of mini park. You can have romantic conversations with your loved one in this area while watching people pass by and letting time fly. ( <---  Whoah, that rhymed. )

They also offer win-a-prize games. YAAAAY! Too bad we were too pumped up to try the rides that we forgot the games. Haha. Whoops!

And look, my long lost sister. ;D

Safety measure and quality of the rides are top priorities of St James. As you can see, here's a proof of it.

We first took a liking in the bump cars. Haha, must be because it's first in our " fun and safe" list. LOL

After riding the bump cars, my friends decided to go to the second phase of this adventure of ours. LOL. And I, on the other hand, well, . So on to the Revolution Ride.

I didn't have the guts to ride this. The acrophobic in me was like . Haha. I never get tired of using memes to tell you guys what I exactly felt at that moment.

Pouting because I feel so left out. Acrophobia, no matter how I try to overcome you, you'd eventually get worse.

After watching them scream and turn pale, I think it was about time to enjoy the safe rides, again. You can sense your friends' scared souls from afar. Haha. And I told myself " YAAY". We decided to ride something less dangerous, the Fly Over( a mini roller coaster ) . We first thought it would be super fast ( without knowing it was designed for kids), but then , the speed, well, surprised us. Haha.

Next ride would be a... Journey to Mars. 

My friends managed to persuade me on riding this. They kept reassuring me that it was fun and safe. And well, I also don't want to miss out the fun too so I nodded.

They say that the ride will just go up and down while turning. But I think they forgot to mention the fact that it's a HIGH up. And thus, the results of the ride were my legs shaking and this derp face.

Since it was getting dark and late and despite us riding the bump cars again and again, it was time for the final countdown. The most anticipated ride on this whole trip. Haha.

The Pirates of the Carribean  (similar to Anchors away seen in Enchanted Kingdom).

And as you can see, the acrophobic in me didn't have that much of a choice.

I was dying inside.

And a huge grin to award myself "I've-conquered-a-really-super-scary-ride-for-acrophobics" in this amusement park.

Spot the differences between the first and second pic. Haha. Before and during the ride.

And the outcome was this.

My make up was all smudged up and well, I forced a smile just to look decent. And Cherry was there to comfort and calm my heart and soul down.

All in all, it was one memorable night. I get to try new things. ♥ Scary things. Thanks teaaam. :D

The St. James Amusement Park is near the Cebu International Convention Center and also  has a wide variety of rides that visitors can choose from. These are just some of the rides we took a liking on.


North Reclamation Area, Mandaue, Cebu. St.  near Parkmall.

Your random acrophobic blogger,



  1. A very unforgettable experience with you guys! I really enjoyed bumping your cars. HAHA :D Sa uulitin!

  2. Yup. It was a wonderful experience. And thank you for being with me when I needed you the most. *referring to the boat ride* Haha.

  3. This one looks really fun. I'm acrophobic too but not to the extent. Anyways, I envy all the rides that you've been too. Me want as well.

    Next time. lets come here labs. Someday.

    P.S. I'm proud of you for conquering your fears and you rise to the challenge of riding one of those rides.



  4. Thanks Labs. ♥ Lablab ♥ Let's go here someday. The Amusement Park opens at 4 pm every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I know you will be giddy when you come here. :*

  5. Yay!! Im always giddy..YApareeeee!!!



  6. And that's why I love you for that. Haha. ♥ Lablab. Basta ha someday.

  7. What boat?? HAHA well yeah, but you were brave enough to go for another round. :P

  8. ;) Lablab all the way.♥

  9. Yeah. Did that just to conquer my fears. *snickers* But sadly, fears remain. And more than ever.

  10. MU pioneers! Bida ang saya :)

  11. Mana mo ani ANDREA? Hahaha.


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