Saturday, August 11, 2012

{ i need to sell } will be closing down

I need to sell my cosplay stuff online, and sad to say, will be shutting down this December 1st. It's the only selling site I know in Southeast Asia that has wide range of exposure for items for sale. They're going to be converted to some sort of support site, and so I've read. (´;д;`)

My closet is filled with cosplay costumes that I don't use anymore. It kills me to see those unused behbehs. ( ≧Д≦) I know selling items need patience, but being too patient makes you impatient. OOOOOOH~ WHATSHOULDIDO?

Imma list down my stuff for sale and also the stuff that were sold:


Short Wite Wig
Nel Tu Costume
Long Green Curly Wig ( Nel Tu)
Moka Akashiya Uniform


Moka Akashiya Rosario Necklace
Pink Chiffon Dress
Miku Hatsune's Love is War Megaphone

I have lots of wigs I want to sell. But I fear that I may use them in the future. Hahaha~ Woe is me. >.< ?

I really want to sell those above items.  my closet needs some emptying since there are still bigger events in the near future and bigger expenditures. *^*

and also, since my costumes need a new home~ i hope they get adopted by OZUM parents.  *rocks*

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