Monday, August 27, 2012

{ eSports }

Random Boy 1: Whoah, Starcraft!

Random Boy 2: Yeah, it is.

Random Boy 1: Is that Starcraft 1 or 2? I guess that's Starcraft 2. ( me with twitching ears)

Random Boy 2: It's Starcraft II.

Me ( couldn't handle the conversation): Do you guys play Starcraft II?

Random Boy 1: Starcraft I. I never tried playing Starcraft II.

Me: How about you?

Random Boy 2: I never played both of those games. But I heard of its story.

Me( facing Random Boy 1): Let's play sometime. I'm also a noob. You should try playing Starcraft II.

Random Boy 1: Hahahaha! No wonder!

Random Boy 2: She's looking for a victim!

And I was wearing a LARGE grin. ( *dammit. They've seen right through me ⊙△⊙ )

PESO eSports was a 2 day event full of excitement and thrill. Main games are the following: Starcraft II , Dota 2, Dota, and Tekken 6. Many players were gathering in one spot and I was like *spazzmyewhfhdwpbfasd* off. ⊙▽⊙

Lex was a player in the event. He was Top 7. ( beri gud beri bright) Haha. And I've seen some familiar faces. And most of his friends. (^_^)v

Next time, if there's an eSport event coming up, IMMA JOOOOOOOOOINNNN~ >:3 I am badass. PROTOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS ( or maybe imma change my race to Terran) I'm not sure anymore.

Imma post pics for updates in my next blog and show you guys, how a fangirl freak I can be. >:D

- replies are needed -

oooooh, and imma greet my mom the warmest birthday greeting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMAAAAAAA! I LOVE YOU!!! You are the greatest mom a girl could have. You are still young and beautiful! Keep smiling mommy~ :*

Your any random day blogger,



  1. I'm to slow for Starcraft 2, even in SC1.. HAHA~

  2. So, yeah. I suck big time (tried insane against AI).
    I had a dozen of marines and a couple of marauders and was rushed by 3 stalkers and 3 zealots and lost. HAHA~

  3. There are a lot of strategies in youtube. You can get it from there. :)


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