Saturday, August 25, 2012

{ another progress}

will be attending the two-day major gaming event  today. Cosplay will only be a sideline because this event focuses on all the electronic players and their OZUM skills. *^*

Will only go as an original character. Did not have enough time to prepare and such because of my job and its anniversary. So i was quite busy if you ask me. I became a referee in the games of our celebration. o.o
And here's a whole body preview of my Sheryl Nome Cosplay. Fushuuuu~ <3

(thanks to Zen for the fantastic bodyshot.)

I want to divert myself to activities such as these.

Otherwise, my heart will have its pieces fall again. And me no gusta. o.o

and also, yesterday was the birthday of my ex-boyfriend. He invited me out to dinner with his family. And it seems like nothing changed. Well, all happy endings start with an ending so let's not put hopes with that one. :3

Happy Birthday Lex. :D Hope we will both be happy in life.

Oh, and he will be attending the eSports Event today, so yeah, I hope i'll be able to give him the smores I made for his birthday. I wasn't able to give it to him yesterday, because I was afraid that he wouldn't like it. But then he told me that he would, so yeah, let's see if he likes my (akane's from ranm 1/2) cooking.

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