Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{ A Summer's Shine }

Since we're having constant rain showers and strong winds these days, it's time to brighten up the atmosphere. My gorgeous friends Oda and Dora ( both are totally cute and petite ;> ) ,  and I are going to have a shoot together. Kim Berly Caminos ( A.K.A. " ODA" - i have no idea how Kim became Oda ) , will be the awesome photographer and Dora will be the Pose Choreographer. ( I'm not sure if that even  exist) and I will be the model. We have come up a Photoshoot Project for Oda to improve her photography skills, and for future portfolio projects.

I can't wait to take Flappy ( my Jap Schitz) out for a walk during the shoot. Imma include my cute behbeh out and let's not forget her cute little pup that keeps munching away my sandals <3.

Our First Project will be about the Sun's shine. To overlap our dark gloomy atmosphere over our side. *^* >

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