Saturday, August 18, 2012

{ for the sake}

I got a call from someone and he told me why he hasn't seen any updates in my blog. And now I have answered his prayers. YEHEY~ Haha. I am just happy that I got a lot of students today ( i mean yesterday, it's 12:54 am here; ugh! you get the point) and now i'm in a tight situation between designing and competing in our company's talent competition.

Oh yeah, the shoot went well and all goes with it. But there were like MAJOR changes. Since we stopped by to eat some cake, we didn't manage to do a shoot while the sun's still out. It was already 5 pm and plus, it was cloudy. So no sun for us. BOOOOOOOO >.>

Well, all in all, it was from a summer plan to black and white shoot. It was supposed to be Part 5 in my planned portfolio but oh well. (´−`) ンー  Imma update you guys once photos are up. Good mornight everyone! Imma go to sleep again now. Ciao!~ (`・ω・´)”

And what's up with the Slender Man game? It's getting popular and I'm really getting scared as I'm typing this right now. . >,<

must have good dreams. <3

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