Saturday, December 1, 2012

{ The End of the Memory }

I realized that the title for this blog is somewhat... BADASS! *snickers*

Haha. Anyhooo, I finished the game Amnesia. So many puzzles, so many thrills and so many nightmares to boooot. o.o

Okay, now on to the progress. Now that I have escaped from the prison that the grunt took me in, I have to get back to the source of all this monstrosity. ( I sound like I'm a mad scientist) Well to the looks of it, I somehow am because I was doing some experimenting with a pot full of blood, bone remnants and a poisonous fungi plant to make Weyner's Tonic for Agrippa.

My favorite part of playing Amnesia is that you get to play with fire and imagine yourself as a chef. You get to burn pots and chemicals ( IRL, I don't know how to cook. I think I took it out on this game my frustrations of being a chef-wanna-be Haha)

Burning a jar of blood

Made some finishing touches for the Tonic

- crushed the fungi plant like a boss with some contraption-

After making the tonic, you have to give Agrippa the tonic and let him drink it. Haha. Agrippa drank it like his life depends on it. Well, who would blame him after chained like that? After he drank the tonic, he then told me something similar to this:

" Quick! Off with my head. Remember, you have to get my head through the gate."

I was absorbing the words. Not quite sure how I understand it though. I was like, " Eh, head?" o.O " What head?"

I saw a crumbled wall on the left part of this area. The crumbling of the castle may have caused an opening because of the shadow.

So I went in that mysterious opening and found myself a ROOM. YEY! A SECRET ROOM! Hahaha~ I get to loot some tinderboxes ( still absorbing the words of Agrippa in my head o.o) and then I saw...

*drum rolls*

... A BONE SAW...

And there, it hit me like thunder. " OH. HIS HEAD."

I picked the bone saw up and I went back to... ;_; *sobs in corner*




I am a monster. 

He instructed me to get his head through the gate. It must be part of the game. So I must live it up to his last words. ;_;

I went back to the chancel and hid as the monster's growl echoes throughout this area. I crouched and slowly sneaked my way in. He went through the room in the left , WHICH was MY DESTINATION. ;_;

And thus... I was...

*ninja mode on*

I sneaked my way in towards the gate on the right to destroy the machine that controls the entrance to the orb chamber. I took a small boulder near the *udhaudffgawgefgw*'s feet and I was breathing rapidly because of the tension that consumed me.  It is because of the music and the ambiance that this game is having. WHY GAME!? WHY!? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

After throwing the big rock to the machine slash contraption slash whatever-you-call-it, it got destroyed. MUAHHAHAHA~ Alexander, YOU ARE GOING DOWN. (╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

I went back to the inner sanctum and put the orb's pieces back together so it would stop the deadly entrance of DOOM. Haha. ( it would stop the electricity flowing in human words).

And taaaaaaaadaaaaaaa. When I placed the last piece of the orb back...

...this happened...

The orb(on the left) somehow sucked the deadly energy from that entrance (there on the right). 

And I was wearing my 3D glasses on. (⌐■_■)

After that epic moment, you get to go into another room. And this room is the penultimate of this game. ;_;

After spazzing over the large room (once again - same thing happened with the transept ;_;), i saw a lever in one of the columns and did some "ooooooh-what's-this-lever-do?" gesture.

A room at the left part of this area opened and, as a curious cat that I am, went in. First, I was like... What the name am I going to do here? I saw some weird sink thingy that was at the right and observed the pattern that was carved on the wall at the opposite side. A hand icon appeared when I loomed the mouse over it, so I decided to become the curious cat. Haha. And when I clicked it, I took some damage. ;_;

I backed up and stepped on some pattern-carved wall( as the curious-scaredy cat that I am) and I heard the MUSIC. ( = the music that will be played when you made progress.) And I was like, o.o " Eh? What did I do?"

And then lightning hit me again. I'm supposed to offer some blood before facing Alexander and before going to the last area, THE ORB CHAMBER. *scary music on*

So I did the same procedure to the other room located at the right part. After doing so, the shadow appeared out of nowhere and I got insane. That high-pitch frequency sound is love. ♥

And after all the adventures and scary squeals I went through, I have finally. FINALLY. Reached the last room where you battle it out with Alexander.

The Legendary Orb Chamber

And in this room, I finally get to meet that freaking *censored*, ALEXANDER.

I can't believe that this game would show... his...LIFE... out..ಠ_ಠ

I was confused at first. He was talking about " time is running out" and "join me in this conquest, Daniel." and yada yada.

I was like...


" I have to kill this MADAPAKA RIGHT NOW."

This was on repeat in my mind at that moment. Haha. And then when I loomed the mouse over the columns that hold that mysterious glowing power, lightning HIT me again.


I did the same thing to all four columns.

And Alexander was like ...

When he said those words, REGRET hit me like a knife. EH!? I DID ALL THOSE HORRIBLE THINGS AND I'M GONNA DIE AT THE END ALL THE SAME!? Mau doesn't approve. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

HAHAHA! BUT IT DIDN'T! He was the one who vanished into thin air and I was left alive and breathing. I did the right thing. And for once and for all, I have FINALLY finished the game after a looooong hiatus from it. ( yes, you can call me a pussy.)

That is how I ruled this game. ♥

Curiosity and itchy hands led me to triumph.

Since I'm done with this game, I'm thinking of playing the Penumbra series, but how about you guys: what horror games can you recommend? Please leave a comment. *winks*

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