Sunday, March 24, 2013

{ Hoohaaah - Time for the Boodle Fight}

Haha. I just felt like saying "Hooohah" in the title. Forgive meh.

I just discovered a very nice ...epic... restaurant wherein you can get your stomach to "hoooohahh" the meals.

Have you ever experienced a boodle fight? Last March 16, 2013, my team's lunch out was held at Captain A’s Seafood Grill. With all the "hooohhaaah" dishes, you're definitely in for a fight.

For those who don't know what a boodle fight means, it is defined as "eating combat" or "attack the food". It is usually done by the PMA ( Philippine Military Academy) wherein, regardless of age and rank, gathers around a long table to share a meal. They indulge themselves with food spread over banana leaves using no utensils or the sort. But since Captain A is merely a restaurant, they offer utensils as an option. Haha.


Together with me is my fellow blogger crush Tara.

Check her blog out:

So Captain A's Seafood Grill offers a wide range of boodle sets to choose from.

I just had to take snapshots of their menu. Sssssh. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Click the menu for a closer look.

For every set, you get free five (5) glasses of iced tea and a fruit cocktail dessert.

My team ordered three sets.


( for the birthday celebrant Selena)


(since I definitely love baked shellfish, I kept bugging my TL for this.)


And one of the known attributes of Captain A's Seafood Grill is their shouty "military" way of a birthday greeting. I was shocked at the same time was amazed at their "ugh" aura.

And clearly, Yvanne was having fun. Haha.

And so does my CRAJEE family.

And I get to spoonfeed someone.  (>y<) Kufufufufu~

All in all, it was an ubber awesome resto.

If you have any special occassions especially birthdays, I definitely recommend this restau.

You're definitely in for a surprise.


Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site
Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs    6 am - 2 am
Fri - Sat         6 am - 3 am
Sun               10 am - 12 mn

(032) 505 9594


Your RANDOM blogggggeeer,


& friends.


  1. Now this just made me hungreeehh... *droolss*

  2. Haha. Glad this blog made you hungry. ♥ You should try it out sometime.

  3. On my pay, I will.


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