Monday, March 4, 2013

{ What time is it? }


Yey! Haha. Okay. So that escalated quickly. And yes, that is what we cosplayed. C:

So much for so much! Haha.

Left: Marceline, Center: Princess Bubblegum, Right: Marshal Lee

Actually, Fubu and I were having a super hard time on what to put on our skin ( as you can see, both Marceline and Marshal Lee have gray skin tone). Cebu doesn't at all sell Snazaroo body paints and they only sell face paints. (n hfhwafasfpjsa)

Anyhoo, we were looking for this.

But the only thing we found in the malls and any other places out there are face paints. Assorted face paints.

So all we did was to improvise.

We first started out with face paint ( I bought two packs of black and white) and started mixing and placing it on our arms. I had Fubu experimented. Haha.

All in all the outcome was kind of dirty (like sewers dirty eeww), so we improvised again. ( and of course we asked from the experts).

The experts told us to mix BB Cream and Grey eye shadow as an alternative. And that made me think " Where the hell am I going to get loads and loads of eyeshadow?"

We tried once again. Personally, I think it's quite time consuming and "eyeshadow-and-cream" consuming, so I recommend using it as a last resort.

Now what we actually did was to combine the two options. It somehow worked. We placed white face paint first on our skin, and then rubbed some grey eyeshadow. :DD

This is me before the dirty session started. And no, that is not my belly button down there. Haha.

And tadaaaaa~

It took us about 1-2 hours.

Marcie and Marshal.

( I know we're vampires and we're near an altar... We're catholic vampires so to say. ♥)

And as for PB, she has her own struggles of life. ♥

Her " still alive but i'm barely breathing" wig. Haha.


We arrived late at the event, putting our minds with the " No regrets" concept all over again and again. ( It's a long story).


Because they are my rainbows and hearts. ♥

I'm glad Behbeh is okay. :3

( She was confined in the hospital for a couple of days. STUDENT BODEH PRESIDENT IS BUSEH) ;_;

After the event, we headed down to SM to finish some errands and then off to SongHits. ♥

No matter how grey and stressed I am, my friends will never leave me. :3



  1. SiLeNt_WhIsPeReRMarch 4, 2013 at 6:45 PM


    you all look nice...

    I hope you enjoyed the event and of course, AFTER the event too.

    partying with friends and laughing your hearts out.


  2. Yeah. We absolutely did. Haha. :D I hope I didn't fail as Marceline though.

  3. SiLeNt_WhIsPeReRMarch 4, 2013 at 6:59 PM pulled it off...

    OH yeah...can I have the fangs??



  4. I've been in a lot of suffering because of those. Hahaha


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