Monday, March 11, 2013

{ Insurrection }

March 9, 2013.


And I was ready to parteeeyyy~ \m/

I was invited by my pretty friend Behbeh ( Johara Veloso) for some night out to enjoy a night of music and excitement ( and of course, some booze)

I was ready for some drinking here and there. *winks*

It was a competition by the different Universities representing Cebu. UC, USC, USJR, CIT, CNU and many more. You name it.

It was like the battle of the bands, so to say.

It was held at Tonyos, in Lahug. Just outside the second entrance/exit of IT park.  A walking distance from my workplace.

I was dressed so prim and proper. And I look like a schitsu. YEY \m/[/caption]
Fubus was complete. ♥

Fubu ( Mico) and Bits ( Marj) were there. Yey. Love~ <3

And an old co-alma mater of mine, Emmanuel Pitogo, was also there. They are close of friends with Behbeh and can you imagine? It's a small world after all. ♥

I was full of hearts and rainbows with this girl. ♥

Don't change Bits.

I know it's more photos about us, but our CP cams just couldn't withstand the darkness of the place. The flash wasn't enough to take a photo of the distant stage. ;_;

If I should have known, I would have brought my camera with me.

And here with me is my ever-so-busy Labs. She was full of fun and excitement. ♥

They became instantly connected with Johara and Emmanuel. What are the odds of it huh? Lol.

Down below are the following:

Mico, Emmanuel and En-en.

Hahaha. We're so close, but yet so far. Lol. <///3

I can say that Labs is so vain. Hahaha. Labs (En-en). I know, I know. I have two labs. ♥

I should stop coveting from now on. </3

Excuse the glass of ****. Hahaha. (●´∀`●) How embarassing. Whew.

We ordered a Beer Tower.

Php 300.00 only @ Tonyos.


I had fun. That would be one memorable night. Trust me.♥ It was full of rock and music. And the place was filled with men wearing black. o.o What's with black?

And I would love to give my thanks to Johara for inviting me and making me laugh. Thank you for the gabs here and there. You know I'll always love you. ;>

Just your RANDOM blogger,


P.S. I know this blog is full of photo strips, but I just have to save blog memory space. ;_; Otherwise, I have to buy this domain. ( which would be awesome, but let's just leave it to that. (`・ω・´)”

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