Thursday, June 5, 2014


As I was making this post, I keep playing the song Gravity by Sarah Bareilles over and over again. The performance by Alex and Sierra in X Factor led me to this beautiful and meaningful song.

WARNING: Please listen to the song Gravity while reading. ( Echos.)

Sometimes, it's quite funny where life takes us. Be it for the better, or be it for the worse. It just the way things are. Often, we would wander off from our path and make a new one. And still the outcome of it is still a mystery. Life is unfair, mysterious, cruel, unforgiving and yet, so beautiful, majestic, wonderful and splendid. Ha. Life's irony though. 

Changes are really inevitable. And it's up to you whether you'll welcome it with open arms or not. Sometimes, it's not easy; knowing that there are some unwanted changes. It's all life's way of saying, " You've got to live with it or fight for it." 

" Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be" is one of my favorite lines from the song. It has so much meaning. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and everything eventually happens for a reason.

When we love someone, we'd do anything just to be with them whether they're unreachable or not. This song has so much meaning in my heart. And the chorus just gives it away. Makes you reflect on things. Even though we're standing so tall or so high up, gravity, or some unseen powerful force, pulls us back to them. And we don't know why nor can we explain how. Like I said, life's a mystery. 

It feels like forever since I last posted outfit shots. And this would be the first to welcome the month of June. And speaking of June... Finally, June's here! The months of scorching and humid heat are now gone and we will be welcoming rain like we haven't had them in ages. Hallelujah! 

What do you think of my look?

photos taken by Mark Villamor

Black Palazzo Pants
Celia Heels


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