Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Gaming: Fatal Frame

Games make me happy. Games make me sad. There are lots of awesome games out there but I prefer to be picky. I still remember the time that I would rather spend my rest days playing than to, you know... like actually rest! Haha! So for this post, I am going to share to you the games I have played so far.

First and foremost in the list, is the Fatal Frame series. I am a big fan of fragile little girls and the Camera Obscura. Such a big fan! ♥ This game's genre's survival horror. So get ready for jump scares and the like. I have a really sexy thing for horror. Can't explain it but I just do! You get so easily absorbed in the game just by the spooky ambiance and listening to the eery music.

Since it is a series, let's start off with the first game: Fatal Frame. When I played this on PS2, it always gets the best of me. The controller would vibrate every time a ghost appears and you just can't help yourself but shriek and tell yourself to get your booty to be freaking ready. This was released in the year 2002 and I only got to play it in the year 2011. Nine years! Nine friggin' years without my knowledge of such a masterpiece! I weep! ;_; 

Anyway, the main thing about the series is that you have to unravel mysteries and battle against ghosts using the Camera Obscura. I won't include the synopsis here since it's all over the internet. But if you DO want to read it, do so by clicking here

Anyway, here are some of the Promotional Images of Fatal Frame 1. Happy Gaming!

Main Character of the game: Miku Hinasaki
Platform played on: PS2


  1. Is this the one played before that made me scream??? Holy... I am NOT going to play that. NO matter how good and creepy it is.

    1. No, it wasn't the one. You haven't played this pa. C: Labs, you definitely have to play it! ♥

    2. If this game makes me scream my head off? absolutely not

    3. I think it will. But it's fun to scream. It exercises your heart. :D

    4. It does not exercises my heart. huhuh T_T


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