Monday, April 13, 2015

Just Every Summer

Every summer. Just every summer. For three consecutive summers, I always end up breathing for my life. I am asthmatic ( which I totally hate) and somehow one of the external factors that would trigger an asthma attack is extreme temperature. Exposure to cold air or hot humid air can lead to an asthma attack. And since it IS summer, I got confined in the hospital. Again! ( For another post regarding my summer and asthma complaints, read here. )

Well, summer ain't all that bad. You have to admit, for a tropical island like ours, who wouldn't want to destress themselves with our cool beaches? But be careful, basking yourself under the sun for too long can burn your skin. So yikes!

Anyway, since it's so hooooot, I cannot tolerate wearing clothes that are made out of cotton. Or anything thicker than that. There are days wherein lying flat on the cold floor is the only option to live throughout the hot summer day, and believe me, I sometimes do it. Lol! I always wear light during summer. Shorts, sleeveless shirts, slippers. Anything summer-y. You name it! And of course, to add some colors onto your look, wearing flipflops is the perfect touch! I have my own share of flip flops here and wearing them makes me walk light and feel light especially in this hot humid weather like ours. And speaking of flip flops! There's a pretty cool range of slippers and flipflops at ZALORA. Click on this link to see their collection. I absolutely adore their cute designs! ♥

What do you think of my summer casual look?

photos taken by Simone

Palawan Hat 
Natasha Top
White Shorts
Natasha Flipflops

P.S. Like seriously, it's so hot! ;_;


  1. MAU! Come back na! Nice post by the way. :D

    1. Hi Tar. I want to sadly I'm still on therapy. :( See you on April 20. I miss you.

  2. You seem to have a love-hate relationship with summer. Seeing you still find something positive about the season that's good. Keep 'em summer posts going! lalalalala~

    1. Thanks Yhan! Yeah, there are always pros and cons. :)


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