Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Ray of Sunshine

Now that all the fuss of being sick is gone, I'm back to being healthy and up and running ( I think). That was one heck of a week full of sleepless nights, headache-inducing coughs, dehydration overload, loud wheezing breath sounds heard in the middle of the night and more. I made my family worry. Cry. And not to mention, do things for me.

Even though I look healthy, truth to be told, actually, I'm not. I have a weak immune system, and usually I'd get all sorts of infections. And they would sometimes lead to my asthma attacks. I am sick of being sick. But that's what I am born with. So let's just say, I already accepted that flaw. 

Recently, I prefer wearing pants than skirts. I think I have a calling. My everyday picks always go with a comfortable top paired with jeans or leggings. Where are my skirts, you ask? There are times wherein I have this light pink feminine aura emitting from me and ONLY during those times, I'd wear a skirt. So it's pretty seldom of me to wear one. But now, I want people to think I'm wearing one. That's right- think

I have been in hype with these types of pants nowadays because they're not only comfortable to be in, but they also make people think you're wearing a maxi skirt. And once again, that's right - think

I called these as maxi pants at first ( not knowing they really ARE called as maxi pants or palazzo pants) when I first began wearing it. I called them that because my friends would usually tease me this " Wow. Nagskirt ka ngayon ha? " ( " Wow. You're wearing a skirt today, huh?") when actually, I wasn't. They were amazed when I told them it's not a skirt but they were pants. They said in reply that I look like I was wearing a maxi skirt. And thus, I started calling them as "maxi pants". 


Fashion and its magic. 

Honestly, when I was wearing these, I had a hard time finding a top that matches it. I tried going for blouses, sleeveless', etc. but to no avail. And then, I borrowed... uh ... took my mom's top. It is a lace blouse and it's so comfortable ( What's with me and the word "comfortable"?). The texture is smooth and since it's summer, wearing this top is a no problemo. 

I'm proud that my mom's fashionable too ;)

Now since I have found a solution to all my light pink feminine aura problems, I am going to wear these pants casually from now on. They not only fulfill my need for skirts, but they also fool the eyes of others by letting them think you are wearing one. Now off to my medications! Ciao! 

What do you think of my look?

make up and photos by Jen Dy

Rosario Boutique Lace blouse 
Yellow Maxi Pants
Orange Tribal Wedge
Bracelets - given by mom

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