Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Touch of Yellow

After coming back to Cebu on Monday evening, WORK welcomed me with open arms the day after. <///3 So I did not get to blog any of my Baguio adventures at all. I didn't have the time. But now, no more! My rest days are now here and I can't wait to spend the whole day blogging about our short escapade!

The night before our flight to Baguio, I gathered all my sweaters I bought from Cy Pitogo and brought them with me. Since Baguio is well known for its all year round coldness, I picked out mostly sweaters and long sleeves from my wardrobe and packed them all up in one go! And this outfit was one of them.

I wore this all black ensemble when we went to Burnham Park and MinesView Park. I was all giddy and energetic that all my energy has made my body warm and Baguio's coldness didn't even get through me. Haha! When wearing a black ensemble, go for something that would make people look at you twice. ( Because we all know black is the absence of color). Wear something that would catch their attention. Since I was wearing a monochrome ensemble, I decided to have some touch of yellow as to not to look bland and dull. I, myself, don't like it when people stare at me for a minute or two. It'd lead me to ask myself these: " Is there something on my face? Do I look okay? Are my undies showing? Do I look exactly like that murderer from Saw?". Those questions are undying. However, a little spotlight is okay. Spotlight's healthy.

I bought this beret hat from one of the souvenir shops in Baguio for only PHP 35.00. Well, how dee do? So I decided to match this to my all black ensemble that day and had Mac take some outfit shots.

The night was cold and breezy. Oh how I wish I could stay a little longer.

What do you think of my look?

photos taken by Mark Villamor

Cy Pitogo Sweater
Body Music Tights
Hush Puppies Brown Flats


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    1. Why, a big thank you Michèle! ♥ Love your blog! ♥ xoxo

  2. I like your outfit labs. so cute! I like the 5th picture labs...Yay!


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