Monday, April 14, 2014

Bento #1: Love and Hate Relationship Bento

Today, I tried to do the impossible. 


I have always wanted to learn how to cook. I want to practice. To learn and improve. But sometimes, the laziness consumes you, y'know. Especially during summer where the heat is at its peak. So I have thought of a way to inspire me to practice my skills in the kitchen. And guess what? It is the art of food-making : the great BENTO.

I have discovered a website that shows simple bento making recipes: Filipino style! That's right! Filipino style! I know Bento is lunchbox in Japanese, and it is filled with Japanese dishes and all but I am going to change that fact right now. Mabuhay!

As you continue reading this, you will learn how I did it. And how I have come up with an idea or two to meet the needs of my lovely boyfriend ( Yeah, you read it right: "lovely" Hohoho), Mac. Since Mac has such a big appetite, it was a challenge for me. Questions like: Should I go for sandwiches or rice? Should I go for egg or meat? Should I go for this and that and et cetera. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to start. But eventually, I realized something. I don't have to HAVE an idea; it would just come to you naturally. With what you have, start with that. Start with the simple ingredients. Leave what's next after that, NEXT. Just go with the flow. That's what I did. So below are some of the ingredients and materials I bought for my first ever bento:

CDO Nutri Burger, Rosquillos, Berry Knots, Trolli Cheesecake, Nori Paper, Cutters

Okay, so I may have gotten a bit overboard when it comes to the ingredients knowing that a space in a lunchbox is limited. So I only used the following ingredients: Nori paper, Trolli Cheesecake, and CDO Nutri Burger. 

Now, on to the chase. I made two riceballs or onigiri and wrapped them with nori paper. I cooked one patty as a whole and the second patty in pieces. I formed the second patty into small balls. It is not clearly seen in the picture but that's what they are. I also cut out strips of nori paper and placed them on top of the patty. And for a bit of sweet indulgence, I placed the Trolli Cheesecake right below it. That easy! Oh yeah, I used Chinese cabbage as a divider between the rice and the patty. 

I called it as " Love and Hate Relationship" Bento because that's what started between Mac and me. We argued a lot about petty things ( such as anime, video games, who's more superior between us two and so on) before we became a couple. We argued a lot - the tsun tsun way; hating each other's guts but deep inside, feelings were there. I put a lot of effort into making these. And so far, I am so happy with the results! <3 

Mac just sent me a message that it was delicious. THAT, inspires me to make more in the future. I know my work isn't that of a pro's but I am going to do my best to improve. Ganbarimasu! 

What do you think of my first bento?



  1. Omai. You really did it? How was it?
    Make me one too...

    1. Haha. Puhon puhon! xoxo ♥ I will do my best!

  2. While eating out may be easier and quicker, cooking at home means taking charge of food preparation. You add love and awareness to the basic ingredients, and you create a beautiful masterpiece that nourishes and blesses all those who partake.
    Keep going!

    1. Hahaha! First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog about my first "bento". And yes, I will keep going! Thank you. ;D This inspires me to make more! ♥

  3. Seems you bought them from Japanese super market or Japanese corner :)
    I was not Bento danshi 2 years ago,(meaning lunch box boy, the dude who bring lunch box to office, slang)
    It finally became my daily routine-work before I go to the office in the morning.
    Though it was hard to continue, but once you are habituated,it is the best way to save your money !
    Way to go! NAOYA

    1. I will continue making Obentos in the future. :D I will call myself Obento lady! Hehe

  4. Though preparing Bento before work took 1 year for me to make it routine-work,once you are habituated,it becomes the best way to save your money and to keep you healthy!
    Way to go !

    1. Yup, I agree. It definitely makes and keeps us healthy! :D


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