Monday, April 28, 2014

Baguio Photo Diary ( Part 1)

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First touchdown photo of me in Baguio.

Today, like right now, I am currently hyped up. I don't know why but my blood's boiling like I want to do something intense. Something dangerous. Something extreme. I want to shout at the top of my lungs until I lose my breath and more! So much adrenaline.

Sorry about that. I may have gotten a bit overboard there. You see, there are so many things happening in my life lately and it gave me so much adrenaline. Like my body's ready to get moving. To go carry an elephant or something. You get the point. But for now, these are the photos I specifically picked out from the rest because of two reasons. First, they tell you so much about Baguio. Second, they aren't blurred. Haha. 

These were taken on our way to Baguio and arriving in the city proper thereafter. After arriving safely in NAIA airport, we headed to Baguio City straight away. It was a tiring ten hour drive from Metro Manila to Baguio City and those long ten hours are spent on sleeping, eating and chatting. TEN hours!? I know I know. It's quite too long( the normal drive to Baguio would be around 5 hours). But why ten? We spent the first four to five hours in die-hard traffic in NLEX. I never knew traffic can wobble a person's sanity ( staying in the car without moving your butt from time to time can hinder you from thinking straight ). After countless views of the vast roads, different cars, the beautiful landscapes and more, we finally arrived in Baguio at around 5:30 in the afternoon ( We left the airport at 7:06 in the morning). Imagine that.

We went to SM City Baguio and you can see us kid around and all. We needed it anyway. 

Enjoy the photos!

We can hardly see anything. 

They're also known for their delicious strawberry Tahos. 

And lookie here. Baguio's temperature has proven its name as one of the coldest places here in the Philippines. Just look at how I played with my breathing.


Now, that is all for Day 1 ( since we spent the whole day on the road). Day 2 will be up soon.


  1. It is indeed really cold. Brrrr....

    1. You should. I really recommend this place. All you have to do is tolerate the five hour drive.

  2. No worry coz your not the driver Mau. Wahahaha you can really tolerate. .

    1. Hahaha. Igo ra ko tulog sa car. :D ♥

  3. Hahahah! No worry coz I am not the one driving. .


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