Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baguio Photo Diary ( Part 2)

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A snapshot of me and Mac in Burnham Park

After that looooong ten hour drive ( feels like a gazillion years in the car), we finally had a good night rest in one of Baguio's affordable inns: the Sta. Theresa Inn (check them out if you guys want to travel to Baguio and are needing an affordable and comfortable place to stay). We snored like there's no tomorrow. That was a literal point taken.

On the second day of our stay there, I made sure to take lots of photos so this post might be a little too long. :x I edited the photos' contrast and made them a little bright. There were lots of thrift markets here and there and it made us stop to check them out. It was like digging out little treasure chests. You'll never know what's inside not unless you go check them out. The people were friendly. And little did we know, that the people from Baguio don't generally speak the Tagalog language but they speak Ilocano. OMG! It was a complete surprise for us.

The climate was cold and it felt wonderful. Visiting a cold place during summer was definitely a good idea! Remember my tips on how to fight against the summer heat from this post? I finally got to do it! It makes you want to stay the whole summer ( well, it is tempting) but our budget wasn't THAT friendly. We have to go back to good ol' reality. Don't get me wrong; I love summer! But the humid heat, me no gusta.

" Mau, you definitely have to try their strawberry taho!" the message that my friend, Alyssa, had stated. I have heard of their strawberry taho when I was still in Cebu. I have read blogs about this snack and had been intrigued by the countless reviews it got. So when we visited Baguio church, it was a blessing. There were 4-5 peddlers selling taho. When one of them shouted "Strawberry Taho for sale", my mind went "Bingo"! I could not help myself but my taste buds were craving for it. My ate ( referring to a female who is older than you) was kind enough to treat me to one! It is indeed Baguio's delicacy! Nom nom!

After that, we went to Sky Zone in Baguio. And it has a fantastic view of the city. It must be nice to see it at night because of the city lights. But sad to say, it was day time. Sky Zone is just beside the church so we took a quick side step.

Sorry if I didn't get the whole panorama. I shall sob in the corner.

Remember when I mentioned that Baguio City is a treasure land? There you go! This is one of the many photos I took of thrift shops. And they sell items at very cheap prices too! Filipinos sure love to haggle!

Beautiful fresh flowers, aren't they?

Me and ate goofing around.

I wanted to try the rides but sad to say, we still have lots of places to go to. So taking pictures sufficed.

Cebu is known as the " Queen City of the South" but do you know what Baguio is known as? It is known as the " City of Pines" and the name definitely has proven Baguio as it is. You can see pine trees everywhere! Literally everywhere!

It's not everyday you get to see a sunflower. 

Oh, Mac has his own street. Kufufufu! 

I took a picture of The Mansion during the taxi ride. I heard that this is where the President stays during his Baguio visits. We didn't stop to take pictures because like I said, we still have lots of places to go.

And tada, frog coin purses! And no, those aren't fake. Those are real. And they made them as a coin purse. If you have this as a purse, you are definitely unique. Ugh! PHP35.00 each.

  This St. Bernard in Mines View Park is very friendly. ( Despite him being very heavy! That's definitely one thing you have to expect from a St. Bernard though) Sam ( as what they called him or her) is trained! Ooh, how I wish I have a St. Bernard on my own. But the climate in Cebu is not suited for one since St. Bernards can only adapt to cold climate ( since it has thick fur). :(

The horse was one of the pretty attractions that got the tourists all pumped up for a photo in Mines View Park. I pity the horse though. :x

We were blessed with a bright and cold day! Thank you Lord! 

photos taken by Mac and me


  1. I told you to kidnap the dog you should have done it. *evil laughs

    * exorcism performs

    The real me ;)

    Oh, hi! this is a great experience for you labs. I'm happy that you got to enjoy yourself and be away from stress even if it's just a couple of few days. :)

    1. " To get away from stress" is a good idea to describe it. Hope I can travel with you someday Labs. :) We're still young. Let's explore more. <3

    2. That would be awesome Labs :) I would love to travel and go to places to relieve oh-stress! ehehe ;)

    3. If only your 'rents would allow you to. :)


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