Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free From Colors

Sometimes, a girl needs to be free. Free from thoughts. Free from attachments. Free from everything. This is to find her true self. To strip herself from any unnecessary things. To become colorless. Bleak. To find what she wants underneath all the pressure she is bearing... hiding... and suffering. There are so many questions in the world. More like, more questions than answers. It's difficult to even pursue what's true and what's not. Even an act of kindness can be seen as flirting. You know, those kinds of things. So much stereotyping. And again, like what I said earlier: a girl needs to be FREE.

"Friendship is the best thing a girl could have" is what I always say. And that has been proven by the many countless memories I had with my friends this year. And recently, I never knew that travelling to new places can be so addicting. Well, I find it addicting anyway. I want to explore. Discover. And as of the moment, I am planning for my next trip. And no, I'm not rich. It just takes determination to travel that makes you save money and plan away. The money you spend on your getaway is worth the memories you are going to make. Unforgettable experiences and the irreplaceable memories are priceless.

Mau out.

Mau Sarcon

Kimberly Lavarez

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  1. "Friendship" is one of the best treasures I have to keep. And I am lucky to have your friendship as one of my treasures to keep. may our friendship lasts forever, if not forever, until the test of time. No matter what under no circumstance, we should listen to each other. :)

    Labs, I've got your back. ;P

    Thank you. for you and for your friendship.

    1. I've got your back too! Thank you Labs! <3


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