Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring in Summer

Spring everywhere! That's one thing for sure! And this would be a short post before I fly to Baguio for the holidays. 

Here in the Philippines, it's summer. But in other countries across the globe, it's spring. Two beautiful seasons in one go! So I decided to mix and match my clothes on the day that Harumi ( still remember her? ) together with her husband, Masashi, invited me and Cherry out for a lunch date in Marco Polo Hotel. Honestly, it was a first for Cherry and I. So we decided to dress up for the occasion.

And of course, goof around and take lots and lots of pictures . Who wouldn't for a first-timer? Lol!

 Florals attract me. I have this part of me that I have to include florals in my wardrobe. They are simple but eye-catching, not to mention, they make you look young and feminine. It must be because flowers have a significant meaning in a girl's life. Don't you think so too?

What do you think of my floral look?

photos taken by Cherry Culanag

Cy Pitogo Dress
Hush Puppies Brown Flats


  1. Dressing up for the occasion? I like your shoes. eheheh.. it's actually a nice match to what you're wearing. I also like how the colors that surrounds you matches to what you are wearing. ^O^ and may I add...12th picture ;)

    1. Really? Haha. I may have to put that in mind: " Matching the surroundings to your outfit". That is a good idea. :3

      The 12th picture? The libat libat? Hahahaha. Why, thank you.

    2. Oh why thank you! have you been counting correctly? are you sure it's "The libat-libat" (what-a-name ahahha) picture?? lol

    3. My bad..Ahahahha I counted wrong I meant 14th picture. Though, you don't look that bad on the 12th either. hihihihi

    4. Hahahahaha! I laughed at the mistake. I have thought " Now why would Labs think the 12th picture looks good?"

    5. Hey! no fair! the 12th picture looks good too!


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