Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pieces of Summer ( Part 1)

Oh, I can't believe I am having a sore throat again! Not to mention, a dry cough! Seriously. It makes me want to wear a poker face the whole day just to save what's left of my voice and just lie down on my warm bed. Summer is here! And here I am, having a sore throat and a dry cough under the scorching hot sun.

Okay. Rant done. Today's post is not about my hate towards sore throats and dry coughs ( I wish I could though!), but it's about another photography project of mineAnd like I always want to call it, the " PHOTOJECT". ( HA HA That was corny). Anyway on to the chase.

I have been wishing for another photoject ( Please ignore my want for neologisms) since my last shoot. And I want it to be summer-y. Different shades of orange play with each other in the photos, rays of sunshine seep through covered skies, the humid heat, the chorus of the cicadas echoing throughout the woods and of course, a model. So I asked my lovely friend Jen Dy to model for me.

I didn't have any assistants at that time since my boyfriend ( usually, my assistant *insert evil laugh here*) had work. So two girls had to carry loads of stuff to the damp woods( Not that I'm implying that my boyfriend usually carries them, nah-ah, not that lol) .

I made sure to catch the warmness and recorded it in a photograph. This is just Part 1. Part 2 will be coming up soon.

P.S. I totally love Jen's laced cover up. 

The warmness that created these photos is what I want to share to you guys. As we are blessed with the warmness of our hearts and the gift of being able to feel it. How is your summer so far?


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Jen Dy

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  1. It's a privilege to be part of your Summer Project Darling Mau.. The experience was really great and I had fun! My frustrations are now gone! hahaha... It's hard to be a model for just one day, but it was awesome! Thank you sooo much for making this real.. More power and God bless you with "more projects" ..^_^

    #IthankGodfortheGIFTofPHOTOGRATHY @MauSarcon

    1. Thank you so much for being my model. Haha. It was an experience for both of us. xoxo God speed!

    2. Nice shots. Take care labs. Ehehhe...Me want like that as well... Hehehhe... BUT lets have your health a priority first. Lav yah! :)

    3. I will specifically save the wet and wild shoot just for you. ;) And yeah, thank you so much. And I'm sorry if I made you worry napud.

    4. Hey, don't worry about it. Just take care of your health first. okay?


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