Friday, October 19, 2012

{ being suffocated }

" Please, you're suffocating me."

What do you have in mind when you hear these words.

A physical strangle perhaps? Or something else that dwells deep within your hidden thoughts?

Something that would regard emotions and the like.

Being suffocated in a relationship is ...hmmm... kind of like letting your cute fuzzy puppy cross the street. Thus, you have to watch him like a hawk.

And hence, the puppy feels "suffocated".

you make puppeh sadddd~ 

Being in a suffocating relationship is can I describe this... hmmm... "imprisoned"

You are deprived of your freedom, your choices, and etc.

Can I not make my own decisions? I have a mind. My own personal Hypothalamus and Medulla Oblangata for Pete's sake! Sigh.

I do not want to be  kept in some gilded cage.

I know it's love, but too much is just too much.
It will eventually lead to extreme paranoia and distrust.

This is what I don't like.


Free me.

i need aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. It's never healthy in a relationship when one "chokes" the other. There should be at least a bit of space provided for both. He/she can give suggestions and advices, but never to the point that one overpowers the other in terms of decision making and in doing some other stuff.

    As the song goes, "...too much love will kill you". Being overly attached to someone is never cool, and it doesn't usually end well if it continues.

  2. Well, he told me that I'm too beautiful that he can't take his eyes off of me for one second and he can't afford to lose me.

    Hahaha. I think we will work out eventually.

  3. Hahaha. Look who's talking. :D


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