Saturday, October 27, 2012


Goodbye my weekends. 

Change of RD naoooooo. (゚´Д`゚)゚

My body got used to the sleeping and to the waking, and now it's going to be a go-go.


Today, I have a sideline. 

and that sideline is to be a....

*drum rolls*

... PROMO girl...

Hahaha. I'll be wearing a kimono and will be serving out coupons and flyers tonight in Qbay.

A japanese restaurant owned by the company I'm working.

Qbay is located on the ground floor of Skyrise 4 building in IT park.
i'm gonna make some extra cash ( and free food). hahaha. I have plenty of time to waste. *giggles*

My interpretation of thy self.

( This is similar to the kimono they showed me)

Just used the program paint.

( and i place lots of imaginary bubbles) LOL

I have godspeed hands.


HOHOHOHOHOHO~ (high pitch laugh)

Please drop by at Qbay and you get to have discounts and more. ♥ *winks*

I'll be there from 6 pm to 12 am.

Will post pics lataaaahhh~


  1. ka-cute oizt...excited to see yah wearing kimono....pero sayang ai murag d ko ka kita...hmmmm....God bless nimu MAU and ikaw na jud...

    PS. basin makit-an na nimu imung GG or sa madaling sabi ang iyong TAKDA!!! mwuah


    Hahaha. There will be discount? :)))) You sure you don't wanna stay? I can give you a price to take.


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