Sunday, February 17, 2013

{ keep the flame burning }

Okay, since Valentines is over and Otakufest too, I get to be "not-THAT-busy" again. Haha.

I'm waiting for people to tag me photos of my cosplay since I arrived late at the event. After work, I wooooshed my way to UP grounds with Labs. She has such wonderful hands that can make any rainbows you can think of. ( Ignore me.)

Isn't she the greatest? ♥


Anyhoo, I'm going to introduce the wonders of my friends on Valentines Day.

They went with me to the sastre so I could get the costume on Valentines Day. Imagine that. ON Valentines Day. ♥

Fubu (Mico) wasn't about to go with us (r: traffic, parents, place of address) but I managed to persuade him somehow. YEY to the power of persuasion. (*^*)> ♥

After some errands here and there, we went out for dinner. We went to the nearest restaurant there is just to celebrate Vday. Haha. And that place would be Lola Eat's Food Haus. 

Their food was grand and delicious. And most of all, their prices were so affordable. Believe me, was so AFFORDABLE.

When we asked for the receipt, ( I was already estimating the range of expense), I was sooooo shocked ( not only me, but also Behbeh and Labs) that it was the least of our expectations ♥ Good heavens. This I approve. And I recommend you guys to try this restau sometime. I give it two-thumbs-up. ☻


MY BEHBEH AND LABS respectively.

( I have too many girlfriends. )


We ordered their best seller " Pork Belly". ( Price Range: Php90-130 ) and some Clams. ♥

We munched our way to VDAY. Haha.


I, on the other hand, was filled with rainbows and hearts. ♥

 (´ ▽`).。o♡


Everyday is Valentines Day.


Exemplary gifts.



After dinner, we went to IT park to have some few drinks.

And something *insert adjective here*, happened. >/////<


  1. Your presents are wonderful...

    But I have a question?

    How come my gift is not there??

    OH well...

    it's okay...


    at least you got to enjoy the beauty of valentines..

  2. HAHAHAH~ Yours is in a different blog Labs. Don't worry. Haha.


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