Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{ Trucy Wright }

Since I had work on the 16th   ... It is obvious I arrived late at the event.

And I know all of you have  been wondering who and what the heck was I cosplaying, so now I'm going to give you guys full details in this blog.

I cosplayed as Trucy Wright from the game: Ace Attorney.

Trucy Wright is Apollo Justice's "sidekick" and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. She is a professional stage magician born into the Gramarye family of magicians, her biological father being Zak Gramarye and her grandfather being Magnifi Gramarye. As such, her original name is Trucy Enigmar.



Well, Trucy Wright was one of my "dying-to-cosplay" characters. Since the theme of this year's OF was " A History of Magic", it gave me the opportunity to ask myself "Why not?"


After work, I went straight to UP grounds just to be there and let not our efforts go to waste. I was helped by fellow hand-smiths Kumako Ryuujin & Kimberly Cabaral Lavarez for their ever-so-magical hands of justice. (ignore me.) and my ever so loving behbeh Johara Kris Veloso for the hat ( her father made it) and for dying with me in a battle against Greco. *curse you Greco*

I was glad to see my friends there. It made me shed a tear. ;_; ooooh, how i miss them.

Is waiting for more tagged photos. Hahaha. XD ♥

So far, only two people were able to recognize who I was cosplaying. \(*^*)/ YEY. Gamers unite. Kert-Jan Martin Tabaña & Ara le Fettucini


But either way, I just knew recently that.... Well, let the photo explain.


I never knew that I get to make people happpppyyyyy just by cosplaying. ♥

My first cosplay for 2013. Twas' a success. ♥

" Welcome the year with good vibes."


*ehem ehem*

And now introducing these fellow loved ones of mine:

LEFT: Behbeh (Johara) Cosplaying As Shura Kirigakure from Ao No Exorcist  & RIGHT: Fubu (Mico) Cosplaying as Jafar from Magi.

Both photos (c) Raymund Kapalac

Ain't they cool? ♥ _ ♥


After the cosplaying and the cramming and the shizzing, I went out to have a postcos celebration, and of course, with these people.

YEEEEEEEEEY  d=(´▽`)=b

Was chilling in a small cafe called " Bistro Ecila " and their bands were superb. It is located in Ayala, Terraces just beside Casa Vede. You can get an ambiance of a chillax environment and everything was so.... what's the word... uhm... chill. Hahaha

And I had the guts to destroy the ambiance of the cafe' by singing a duet with Bryan (honeybooo :"> ). Hahaha. I am so violent.


The haggard-ness of my face after the cosplay evnt. #curlyhair #tired#nomakeup #trucywright #cosplay

( Just copied this from insta. Haha. Too lazy :p)


ANYHOOOOOO, OTAKUFEST WAS FUN. Till next event (clue: Theme - GAMES *A*)


  1. Congratulations MAU!

    CUTE! ;)

  2. I totally agree..

    you are a very colorful, pretty and sexy TRUCY WRIGHT---PHOENIX!!

    Agreed every one?


    (raises eyebrow)

    RIGHT (killing aura intent)

    EVERYONE and ANYONE: Yeah! definitely! your the most beautiful cosplayer ever!

    ME: that's mah...people


    any ways...I'm glad I could help you make some parts of your costume--sorry it wasn't that good though.

    Thank you for paying my entrance fee

    (>//< damn. I'm so embarrassed right now)

    Even so, I shall definitely give you a llama badge for that.. :)

    Though, I only got to see a little bit of OF i am indeed thankful and happy.

    Wanna know why?


    YOU are there. :)

    and I got to see my new found friends costumes too-- Shura and Jafar.

    Until the next cosplay event...


  3. Thanks Tar. I will miss you and Nora, Dora, Oda, Fil and everyone. ;_;

  4. Thank you so much for the ponies and the butterflies you are giving me. And that oh-so-magic-wielding hands of yours. Without them, I would be nothing.

    And please forget about the sugar rush you just saw back at the event. hahaha


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