Thursday, February 7, 2013

{ my inspirations }

I have to be confident in any way that I can be. I am not weak. And also I may not be strong. But when it comes to having these so-called trials, let me have 'em. I'll rip them up for good.

Now, you may be wondering why I gave this blog the title of " My Inspirations". I am proud to announce these people to be my motivation when it comes to girl power and having a life as a girl.

 I know we girls, have a lot of issues when it comes to make-up, dresses, family, friends, nice things (esp. cute ones :"3), and of course, not to mention, BOYS. 

Haha. Kidding aside. Now on to the list of girls I love and I continue to admire. <3


The way she picks out patterns and colors and how she matches with different styles of fashion is what I love from this girl. Her creativity is unique. And also, she entertains and replies to questions and comments. She started out as a blogger on the month of April 2011. Look how far she has gone through the past two years. ♥

Something about CAMILLE: 

Camille is always a fashion designer, sometimes a model, occasionally a stylist and as of April 2011, officially a blogger. Take a peek into her world and witness her love affair with fashion and a few other loves in between.



Her elegance and choice of wardrobe make her like any other. She is simple but classy and elegant but sassy. She makes use of what she can and have a very extravagant way of matching this and that. She is a dancer and one energetic girl. ♥

Something about KRYZ:

Thirstythought by Kryz Uy is a personal blog that records Kryz’ daily sartorial adventures, beauty discoveries, inspirations and interesting chronicles.



Lau's simple ideas have more of the exotic style in it. It has the wonders of mixing different genres of fashion with colors that would overlap and would make a great combo. Laureen A.K.A. "Lau" ( Well, imagine that. "MAU") is a friend both to Camille and Kryz. Laureen is much more of the endearing type and one that would take  risks. *winks* 

Something about LAUREEN:

Meet Laureen, an inspiration to many for her dashing and daring fashion combinations, and her equally endearing personality.



Miles is someone I admire from afar. She is a cosplayer slash model.  She is extremely-gives-you-a-nosebleed type of girl. I love how she can be perky and jolly and has this radiant aura.  I admire her moe. ♥ She has such beautiful eyes and that smile, GAH! Don't let me get started on that smile.

Something about MILES: 

Miles is a cosplay enthusiast. Virgo. Panda lover. She likes art, anime, video games, movies and dressing up. She is an all-around, works-best-when-hyper, why-not-let's-do-it artist. And she likes nice things.



Reika is a Japanese cosplayer. And yes, she is a WOMAN.  I love how she can be sooooooooo... HAWT. ( ̄ ¨ヽ ̄ )*nosebleeds* I love how she magically transforms into someone so magical. She is my inspiration when it comes to becoming someone you truly want to be.

Something about REIKA:

Reika is a Japanese cosplayer. She loves anime and cosplaying. Sagittarius. Born on November 26. Blood type: O. She lives in Osaka prefecture in Japan. She is a band member and her hobby is performing with her band.



A fantastic photographer. She has a creative imagination and she tells her stories through portraits and scopes. She calls these as "photostories". Exceptional, isn't it? She started as a photographer at the age of 18. She loves to travel and turn her memories into photographs. ♥

Something about ANNE:

Anne is a 23 year old artist who loves nothing more than to tell stories with her camera. She loves to photograph the beauty all around her, travel for the adventure and read the most fantastic books under trees of shade and warmth.



She is my best friend and my motivation to be strong in life. She is very frank, transparent and I just love how she laughs. Not seeing her a day is like withdrawing from drugs. Yes, she is my drug. She is strong, and I'm glad my decisions ( either good or bad) led me to her.

Something about KIMBERLY:

Labs is a nursing graduate from St. Paul's College. She passed the board exam last 2011. She loves to draw and do artsy stuff. She also loves to watch anime ( especially with drop-dead-gorgeous guys *^* ). She loves the color pink. Bunny lover. ♥ A Mokona addict. And is desperately in love with Li Shaoran. 


So those people are my inspirations in life when it comes to girl power and friendship.

So, girls, don't forget to check them out. If you are currently in a downhill in life, find people to whom you can trust and motivate you to stand up back on your feet again.

We have two beautiful legs girls. Let us use them to move on and continue our journey towards life.



Can't wait to spend Valentines Day with _______________.  



    I'm totally stunned.

    My eyes literally pooped out when I read the last persons' BIO.

    I never expected this.

    Thank you labs, for letting me be ---"ME"
    My warmest gratitude to you indeed.

    and I am STILL in love with LI SHAORAN...
    (I just couldn't find him---or---haven't met him---YET)



    You're one of a kind.

    A rock may others see you but a GEM within once they get to know you.

    Arigatou-na ^_^

  2. Awwwww. Labs. It's the least I can do in exchange for the all the frogs you gave me. ♥ Kero - chan ♥s Usa-chan.

  3. There's nothing to be repaid labs.

    I was enjoyed looking and making those keros'.

    So It's okay..^_^

    It's the least thing that I could do.

  4. ♥ I heart you so much.

  5. same here..

  6. ^_^

    like what Edward said to Bella " Your my own brand of heroine"

    This time...

    " I'm your own brand of heroine"



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