Saturday, February 2, 2013

{ moooooaaar}

YEY~ I get to blog again. It's been such a long time I guess. I've been in hiatus for a while because I've been so busy with work lately and I hope things would ease  down a bit in my case. :">

Now to turn over what's left and what's not.

I gave this blog a title of mooooooaaaaar ( slang for the word "more") More of a spazz version. *drools*

I love my friends and I treasure every MOAAAAAAAAAAR memory I have with them.





I think the photo exactly matches my description of them Haha.

And after gobbling ourselves with food, ( I regretted the fact that it was my treat but, hey, I so love them) you can see the results and the epicness of our stomach's hunger.



And I miss this dude slash dudette's stupidity and mouth. <3



Ti amo cosi tanto Shang. Haha LOOOOOOL


And look what we have here

puppy ROSE

Rose was like " WTF MAU". HAHAHAAH~ I can't help my smooches. <3


Hear ye hear ye~

For all yogurt lovers out there, it is time for me to share my favorite yogurt shop


Branches are located in Banilad Trade Centre and I3 Building in I.T. Park.

Prices are affordable and every taste is like heaven. <3 (75 PHP - 125 PHP) *depending on the number of toppings*

They serve different mouth-watering toppings. Imagine that.

My favorite combo would be mango + graham.

It's like rainbow in a stick. <3 LUSCIOUS AND  HEALTHY.


AS I continued pigging out, Shang and Labs were so into their callcenter experiences leaving me in the meadow alone. Haha.

Look how they are so into it I just had to take a photo.

I got to spend moaaaaaar adventures with my friends <3

and I hope there will be mooooooooooar in the future.


  1. REALLY?

    You regretted the fact that you treated us? :(

    Well, even so...(ehem, ehem)

    Thank you very much for the scrumptious treat Labs! That was magnifique...(trying to sound French--er--Italian..or whichever..hehe)

    That was fun! with Kuma there You can't stop laughing. Definitely your medicine if you have a bad day!
    (In my case, It wasn't..:))

    One good thing about it is that I got home so early that I didn't have my usual appetizer "the" casava cake (KIDDING!)


    I'm just so happy..

    For you, especially.. I hope that one day your life would be peaceful and full of bliss and love.

    but lets take one step at a time shall we?

    Don't rush things..

    let the course lead your way and if you think the course is leading you to different one then, make your own way.

    One step at a time

    wounds are still there but it'll eventually heal so don't rush it, it may leave a scar but don't worry those scars are there to remind you that you've been hurt once and you stood up again after the fall.

    Once step at a time.

    Enjoy the feeling...don't be hasty..

    One step at a time.

    I may not be there most of the time but do think that we're both on the same sky not too far, not too near just in between :)

    make sense?

    Love your life.
    Live your life.

    Be what you are!


  2. Labs, reading this, just made me fall even more in love with you. *strips clothes*


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