Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dreams - BTS

There weren't so many outtakes during my shoot with Suna ( Dreams) . The camera adores Suna! She has been chosen among the few to be born with photogenic powers. Lol! Mac was kind enough to leave his errands and go with me ( What a supportive boyfriend! Lol!).

One essential thing in Photography is that you have to initially adjust your camera's settings. So we did just that. Of course, we included GEMMS (my car) in the test shots.

The weather was giving off a lazy Sunday afternoon cloudy and humid feel ( which was Monday at that time) so we couldn't wait to start shooting under the cold shades of the trees.

I asked Suna out for the shoot a day before. I was surprised that she was up for it despite the sudden invitation ( well, I consider one day before something "sudden"). That was one of her perks. She's always up for anything and that's what I really love about her. ( Friendship is such a beautiful thing). I hope you get to read this, friendship!

And Mac, well, Mac was also something I can say! Thanks for the assistance boyfriend! ( He carried our bags, the tripod, took most of our BTS pictures and wore Suna's hat as to give comfort to the ladies ;) )

I was so busy being the multi-slashy again ( as what my best friend usually calls me). I can't help it. And I shall insert Mac's #selfie right here. Yup, this sure feels right.

Hey there handsome.

Oh, we meet again handsome. 

Oh, and I know this is just so a little bit of " Like so, I don't care" kind of something, but this cicada's shell really amazed me! We found three shells on the same tree trunk and nature is really mysterious. This would look so surreal if I only had telephoto lenses. :(

Did you manage to spot it? 

Suna wanted a topshot and Mac and I had to brainblast our way out of the dilemma we're in. Mac, as the hero he is, climbed a tree and look what he got himself into. Hahaha!

Hello again, handsome you.

And now, some outtakes,

Suna, beautiful as always.

I am so happy I got to have a shoot with these awesome people. Shower me with your awesomeness.

Till next post,


  1. i love you friendship!!! you did great with the shots!!! more beautiful shots to come this year!! lablab!!

    1. Ikaw raman siguro nakapauso anang lablab sa world, friendship! Hahahaha! I love you too! To more shoots and collabs in 2014. Cheersio!

  2. si bibi murag sloth haha.

    1. Murag jud! Hahaha! :D Cgeg jud ko katawa nya naglisud na sya. IM SO EBEL

  3. Weeeee i look good hanging from the tree para akong sloth hahahahaha anyways bash im so proud of you your so good na in photography and excel a lot in the past months i think wla na akong dapat pang ituro sau alam muna lahat unless if u want macro nah hehehehehe. I love you muah and sue ahem u look majestic sa shoot hehehehe hoping to have more shoots with you in the future and bash keep up the good work one day ull be my good assistant hahahahahahaha Love you

    1. Ayayyyyyy! Assistant? Ako? Let's each have our own shoots. HAHAHAHA! ♥

      Thanks for having the time to drop by anyway. ♥

      P.S. You are natural born sloth. <-- That sounded wrong. Haha

  4. This is a nice outing slash photo shoot. Suna is so cute >.< Let's have a pictorial together Suna...Echos and feelingera ayo ko..eheheh :3

  5. Why do you have a rare specie hanging on the tree? Is that supposed to be a tarsier? a sloth? or a new kind of breed? O.o Which is it?


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