Friday, January 17, 2014

Sinulog 2014 - PRELOGUE

Gave this blog the title as it is because everybody is so hyped up for my hometown's upcoming grand festival: SINULOG!

Sinulog is held every year. It is a festival that celebrates the Filipinos pagan origin and their acceptance of Roman Catholicism.

One of the main attractions that Sinulog Festival is known for is the street parade in which participants wear bright-colored costumes with unique and exotic designs dancing to the rhythm of trumpets, drums and gongs. There are also other festivities that follow it so expect MANY PEOPLE , the main roads closed and LOTS and LOTS of traffic. But fear not, we have our slippers. ;)

The Sinulog celebration lasts for nine days of novena (prayer), in which we welcome the Sinulog Grand Parade on the final day. You can join in the Cebuanos' spirit to party in the streets and get dirty. And dirty, I definitely mean this dirty! 

Not only paint, but booze man. Booze. 

I can't wait to watch the fireworks display tomorrow at SM. But I don't have a date! Would you be willing? :C 

I will be bringing my camera all throughout the event. Can't wait. xoxo ( I hope the weather would cooperate though) 

This is the official link for the Schedule of Activities:

The photos above are not mine. Rights go to their respective owners. 

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