Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Special Pink

I have done four shoots now. First one, is my VERY first amateur shoot which I entitled as the Two Of Us. Second is a portrait shoot which I gave the name: Shine Bright Like A Starr. Third was my last shoot before 2013 ended: Dreams. And now, for the fourth shoot, which was quite sudden and out of the blue for a special case, A Special Pink. 

I decided to give the title as it is because we held the shoot in La Maison Rose, Cebu. The term maison stands for house in French and la means the. In other words, La Maison means " the house".

Since it is tagged with the word "rose" at the end, La Maison Rose specifically either means " the house of rose" or " the rose's house". ( I know I know. The last one didn't make any sense at all but those are just presumptions of mine. ) 

Just beside the house is a small winery shop that serves wines, champagnes, bread and pastries. The restaurant's name is La Vie Parisienne. I ate macaroons for the very first time in my life. IN MY LIFE.

They have a beautiful patio. It is surrounded by tree ornaments with artificial pink flowers and it makes the atmosphere more comfortable and homely than it already is.The pink flowers will light up during the night and it makes a romantic date aglow with love and light. ♥ It is a must-see. Too bad my friends and I didn't stay long for night time. :C I might go there again just to see the spectacular and magical view of the glowing flowers. 

So this was the shoot I had with my friend. Since, we were doing ninja moves as to not attract the other patrons' eyes, we did it quick. I just realized when I take shots, I need space. LOTS and LOTS of space. Since there were so many obstacles around, I couldn't move freely to take a good shot. But either way, enjoy!


Mau Sarcon

Kim Berly Caminos

photography assistant
Mark Villamor



  1. This is really nice...don't forget to post the couple shot in here to. :3 Im waiting!

    1. What do you mean the complete shoot dear ? :) thanks BTW

  2. The final product! You take a lot of pictures but choose the best one. SO, im waiting for the CHOSEN FINAL PRODUCT! *kyaaa

    1. Hahaha I read your first comment as "complete" instead of "couple". I am such a doof. Yeap. I will post it. Stay tuned!

  3. very nice bash.. hehehehe keep it up. i love you..

    1. Oh, thank you! This means a lot. ♥ xoxo


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