Friday, January 24, 2014

Richard and Rosefil - BTS

This is a late post and it so happens that I got to upload these just now. These are the BTS shots that my cousin took while assisting me in this engagement shoot. ( Click here to see the final shots).

excuse the haggard face lol

We had a hard time deciphering the weather. First it was bright and sunny and the next thing we knew, we all got soaked by the pounding rain. Explains women. Lol!

BTS photos taken by my lovely cousin 


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  1. Is it just me? or I find you sexy when your taking pictures? Eheheheh ♥

    1. Omai. To be honest,

      you find me sexy when I'm taking pictures. Hahahahaha! ♥

      You will see me personally taking pictures ( in a sexy way) if you'd just let me! >_<


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