Saturday, January 12, 2013

{ 2013 Wishlist }


1* Will cosplay more

- I've realized that I've been skipping cosplay events here and there because either I'm too busy working or I didn't have the moolah for it. (´∩`。)


- I know this behbeh is like one of my greatest dreams everrrrr since the year 2011. I just want to appreciate the sceneries around me and catch its breath-taking view in a photograph.

3* more photoshoots

- I didn't get to do photoshoots lately. Same reason as what I gave in number 1. And my photographer friends also have their own agendas. (´Д`。) UPDATE: ( P.S. Finally will have a photoshoot tomorrow after a long hiatus. My first for 2013 ;> *winks* )

4* will have more adventures with friends ♥

- I've been neglecting my friends for more than one year now. From the month of April 2011 to July 2012. I'm going to make up the lost time I have with them. They have been there for me through my thicks and thins, now it's my turn. (*≧▽≦)

5* will look the best everyday

- People are telling me to lose my previous wardrobe and wear something daring. DARING: like wearing dresses and brag about them legs. Haha. They told me to show more of my skin. I .WILL .TRY. Haha.

6* will collect more frogs

- My collection of frogs is not enough. I have to collect more and more frogs. Those cute little things - I NEED. ♥ Why am I born this way!? But hey, that doesn't stop me from collecting more this year. ♥♥♥

7* Iphone

- Haha. I know this seems impossible but nothing's impossible without you trying it. So yeah, I am aiming for this baby.

8* Instagram and the wonders of 3G

- So yeah. One of the main reasons why I am craving for an Iphone is Instagram. Haha. I know it's soooooooooo stupid, but I'm a girl, and I have my wants. Haha.

9* will do more art

- was too busy working and didn't have the time to draw more of my mangas. I need to do artsy stuff once again. Otherwise, my drawing skills will *poooooof* if you get what I mean. >///< I wouldn't like that to happen.

10* will practice playing my bass guitar and have more gigs with my band

- Since I am in love with my bass guitar and I love performing songs as a bassist, I decided to put this in my list. I want to enhance my skills of playing the bass guitar with my band.  And to do more gigs is one of the ways to enhance it.

11* be more responsible of myself and independent

- Mom is telling me that I'm not responsible enough to do this and that. I'm going to prove her wrong. - I hope - Haha. And being independent is one way to be more responsible of yourself.

12* will spend money every other day

- Since I want this and that, Haha. I will TRY to save more and spend less. This I have to endure. And insert the word "diet" here.

13* will expand my circle of friends

- Since I am welcoming the year 2013 with good vibes, I also have to welcome new people in my life. I have decided to expand my circle of friends. As they always say, the more the merrier.

14* will blog about useful things

- I'm going to blog about food, restaurants, places, experiences, any hows and any whats, and all the et ceteras in the world. This wouldn't only be about ME anymore.

15* will officially study the Japanese language

- Since I am surrounded by my beloved beloved Japan-related work, it makes teaching easier. I am officially going to enroll in a Japanese language school to learn more about the grammar and the different phonetics. And especially their writings. (;*△*;)

16* will lose some extra pounds

- I know losing some weight is impossible for a sickly girl like me but I have to surpass the limits of my condition. And this is a must for me. Whew. Gotta lay down on the carbs.


- I'd rather waste my time and money to games. Fatal Frame was the first game that I was so into. And the second one is Assassin's Creed. I wonder what unlucky game out there would be my next target. Kufufufufu~ >:D

18 * will discover more awesome songs with awesome messages

- I know I'm a music girl. And I'm not into disco songs or so whatever, I'm into songs that brings out a certain message. For example, Better than Me by Hinder, or More than This by OneDand Wedding Dress by Teayang and so on and so forth. Since 2013 is a new year, I'm sure there are bound to be awesome songs to be made. And I can't wait to meet em'. Listen, rather.

19* will travel to different places in the Philippines with friends

- My friends and I are planning to go out this summer for our team building. Haha. And out, I mean OUT. Boracay, Bohol, Ilo-ilo, Cagayan and et cetera et cetera. Most of my friends are going to bring their hubbies with them. And I'm going to bring out Forever Alone Meme with me as a date.

20* will TRY to wear a bikini this summer Hahah

- Don't laugh. Don't smile. This is also a dream I am trying to accomplish. Thus, number 16. ( ̄へ ̄)

21* will meet someone *winks* ♥ ( cheesy alert)

- People come and go. Year 2012 was a year of suffering for me. Shed too many tears, lost people and the most difficult thing to do was to slowly close the book. I am sure that, since I am welcoming 2013 with good vibes, I'm sure good vibes will come. And I am also sure I am going to meet that certain someone this year. ♥


" Welcome the world with good vibes"


  1. You definitely have a nice wish list.

    It was just like yesterday that we talked about having a wish list for this year.

    Hope you'll achieve them all.


  2. You definitely have a nice wish list.

    It was just like yesterday that we talked about having a wish list for this year.

    Hope you'll achieve them all.

    ^_^ >///<

  3. Haha. YEAAAAAH~ And especially the last one. Did you make your own wishlist na ? :DD


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